Andy Gibb Victoria Principal

Andy Gibb and Victoria Principal

The relationship between Andy Gibb, Victoria Principal, was not only controversial, but also highly publicized. Principal was already a successful actress and was on the brink of marrying a billionaire when she dated Gibb in 1982. They were both in their 20s at the time, but Gibb was 24. Their relationship ended when Principal decided she did not want to get married again. She felt overwhelmed by Gibb’s attention and moved on with her life. Gibb, meanwhile, spiraled out of control after the turn of the century, and the two divorced in 1982.

Principal enjoyed a successful and well-known life after the breakup. Seven years after she began her role as Dallas’s correspondent, Principal married Andy Gibb in Dallas. They then lived in Beverly Hills for a few years before she tragically died of a heart infection caused by drugs. Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Gibb’s marriage to Linda Gibb is not significant. The two never discussed their affair publicly.

Gibb’s apocalyptic lifestyle led him to quit school and start a cabaret show based on Bee Gee songs. This left him virtually penniless. He was still a few months away from finishing his comeback album and planning for a permanent tour, even though he was almost bankrupt after the band’s passing. Andy Gibb’s death will leave behind his wife, daughter, brothers, and sister. His daughter will also be surviving his parents, Barbara and Hugh.

Gibb and his siblings were not famous, but they didn’t have the same lives. He was born in the UK, where he lived with his parents and younger brother, Barry. Gibb’s first career was in the big band business and he was only a teenager when the Bee Gees first hit the big time. He persevered and achieved his first number-one hit with “Baby Bee Gee.”

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