Angelo Tsakopoulos

Angelo Tsakopoulos epitomizes the American dream. A Sacramento developer with an expansive land empire, Tsakopoulos is beloved by politicians while serving as one of the region’s generous philanthropists.

Kyriakos and his family control thousands of acres throughout Northern California. Additionally, they have investment arrangements with politicians that sometimes raise questions of undue influence.

Early Life and Education

Angelo Tsakopoulos has demonstrated unparalleled dedication in both his business ventures and charitable activities throughout his life. His success as a real estate developer made him legendary; while his numerous contributions to society set an inspiring example for people around the globe.

He is a prominent Sacramento developer and an active civic leader, and his political donations have garnered national attention. Together with his children, he and they donated nearly $7.3 million between 1995 and 2005 to local and state candidates, ballot measures, and Democratic committees.

Tsakopoulos earned his political science and business administration degrees at California State University, Sacramento. While in school he supported himself by working at Johnson’s Del Prado restaurant during college hours and selling real estate on weekends. Additionally, he participated in boxing club and donated generously to educational institutions including UC Davis M.I.N.D Institute, Sacramento Tree Foundation and Crocker Art Museum.

Professional Career

Tsakopoulos’ business acumen and work ethic have earned him an array of honors and awards, not to mention his generous donations towards community development efforts and educational initiatives.

Tsakopoulos has expanded his real estate holdings by purchasing residential, commercial and industrial properties across several sectors. A strong advocate of sustainability practices, Tsakopoulos has implemented them across his various business operations to reduce energy use while remaining environmentally-friendly.

He is also an outspoken advocate of progressive urban policies, including Blueprint’s smart growth approach which favors walkable communities and high density housing units.

Tsakopoulos shows no sign of slowing down, continuing his work and leaving his mark on the city. According to The Bee, Tsakopoulos continues to find great satisfaction from his work and does not plan on retiring anytime soon.

Achievement and Honors

Tsakopoulos and his family have donated land for churches, schools, hospitals and a private university as well as endowing chairs at Stanford and Columbia universities to study Hellenic culture’s impact on modern society.

He and his wife Sofia have generously supported numerous charitable projects at California State University Sacramento. Additionally, their names appear on several Downtown Sacramento landmarks such as Tsakopoulos Library Galleria and Sofia B Street Theatre complex.

He has caused considerable contention over his push to build more homes in suburban areas, prompting criticism from conservation chairs of local chapters of Sierra Club who fear more development will degrade the environment and become unaffordable to working-class residents. Tsakopoulos maintains that building more housing units will keep prices low and enable more people to afford homeownership.

Personal Life

Tsakopoulos has always stayed true to his Greek roots. As a family man and generous donor, Tsakopoulos has donated generously to education institutions, healthcare facilities and cultural groups alike.

His environmentalist critics accuse him of using his wealth to influence policy decisions through political donations that reflect his values and goals. This practice has drawn fire from some environmental advocates.

His story of perseverance and hard work has inspired many. His dedication to his community sets an exemplary example, while he continues to play an integral part in its development – values which he instils in his children and is set to leave an enduring legacy behind him.

Net Worth

Angelo Tsakopoulos is an American businessman and real estate developer who boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $600 Million. Known for his contributions to both real estate and philanthropy, which have had significant positive ramifications on society as a whole, his achievements can be found throughout society today.

Tsakopoulos Investments has developed numerous master-planned communities, commercial and industrial parks and residential subdivisions throughout California. His company also spearheads the Sacramento Railyards Project which seeks to transform this long-abandoned rail yard into an active urban community.

Tsakopoulos has made several charitable donations, such as those to the UC Davis M.I.N.D Institute for Neurological Disorders and Sacramento Tree Foundation; in addition to supporting numerous political candidates and causes.

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