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Bling Empire Star Anna Shay and Maria Jose Lainez

There’s a lot to like about Bling Empire star Anna Shay. She’s the most popular character in the show and she’s one of the oldest. As she ages, she has managed to maintain a glamorous and carefree lifestyle. Despite having a net worth of around $600 million, she is still able to afford top designer clothing and jewelry. And she can take a spontaneous trip to Paris on her private jet.

Anna Shay is a socialite and philanthropist. She’s married four times, and she has a son. Her father was a billionaire defense contractor. After he died in 1995, she sold the company he founded for a staggering $1.2 billion. She is also the daughter of Japanese merchants and aristocrats. The Shay Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on education and the performing arts.

Anna Shay is a real-life socialite and a Bling Empire fan favorite. In addition to being rich, she’s also bossy, charismatic and a little weird. For instance, she’s known for a number of scene-stealing one-liners. One such line was during a heated episode of the show.

Anna and her best friend Maria Jose Lainez are both in the Bling Empire cast. They often hang out with top photographers and make-up artists, and they have become popular with viewers. Their Instagram accounts feature pictures of them traveling the world, enjoying dinner and drinks, and doing manicures. However, fans are still not sure whether they’re dating.

The two women aren’t the only ones with interesting names in the show’s cast. Another is Kenny Kemp, who starred briefly on the series. He has a well-known habit of collecting bongs and glass pipes. But he’s not the only stoner in the family. His father owns several expensive glass pipes, and he and his girlfriend, Nikki Trivino, are in a relationship.

Another fan favorite in the Bling Empire cast is Maria Jose Lainez. She was 56 years old when she first appeared on the show. Despite being a relative newcomer to the world of reality television, she’s gotten plenty of exposure. Most notably, she’s been on a number of Bling Empire episodes and she’s seen on numerous photoshoots.

Although many Bling Empire viewers have become fans of Maria, others have doubts. During the show’s debut season, she was close to another best friend, Florent Bonadei. At the time, she was worried that Christine Chiu would feel threatened by Anna returning. She also made the observation that Anna needed to be grateful to Kane for approaching her.

Maria and Anna have a lot in common. For one thing, both of them are beautiful, albeit a little more on the petite side. On their Instagram accounts, they both post pictures of themselves with their families. Interestingly, both women have very fat dogs. It’s unclear how much they actually care about their appearances.

Though many of the Bling Empire cast members are secretive about their private lives, Anna and Maria have no such problems. In fact, they often speak Spanish on the show.

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