Anne Terzian

Anne Terzian – The Ex-Wife of Bob Crane

Anne Terzian took this path when she wed Bob Crane, an American actor, drummer, and radio personality famous for starring on Hogan’s Heroes.

They married after dating for several months in 1949 and stayed together until 1970 when they parted ways.

Early Life and Education

Anne Terzian first gained widespread recognition when she married actor Bob Crane and became famous through their 21-year marriage and three children together. However, unfortunately her husband was brutally killed in 1978 after engaging in numerous illegal activities which were documented on his pornographic films.

Crane was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut where he began playing drums from an early age. While working full time at a jewelry store during the daytime hours, his evenings would find him drumming at various clubs in town.

He married Terzian, his high school sweetheart, in 1949 and they had three children: Robert David, Deborah Ann, and Karen Leslie. However, following their divorce in 1970 he met Patricia Olson whom he then married. They shared one child.

Professional Career

Anne Terzian married Bob Crane in 1949; however, after 21 years together they parted ways and Bob ultimately found another wife: Sigrid Valdis in 1970.

Ann Terzian was an active member of both her community and national OPhiA organization. As founding member of Beta Chapter at University of Bridgeport and working tirelessly to help it flourish, Ann earned multiple Susan Terzian Awards for her service to sisterhood.

She was widely respected for her honesty and sensitivity as a writer, particularly regarding health struggles that she herself experienced. Her writing earned many awards and accolades while she also championed arts and music with passion.

Achievement and Honors

Many are familiar with Anne Terzian as the former wife of Bob Crane, an internationally-acclaimed actor and percussionist. They exchanged vows in 1949 and were married for 21 years before divorcing in 1970; Bob went on to marry Sigrid Valdis that same year.

Terzian has received many honors, such as a gold medal from Armenia’s government and academic accolades such as Omega Phi Alpha’s Susan Terzian Award that recognizes members, groups or chapters who demonstrate tireless service commitment.

This award honors former national president and Beta chapter president Ann DeMatteo. Granted by the Sorority Executive Board with unanimous support, it represents their highest recognition. It stands second only to Ann DeMatteo Alumni Service Award as its highest accolade.

Personal Life

Anne Terzian may not have achieved as much notoriety as her former spouse, Bob Crane – renowned for his roles on Hogan’s Heroes and two Emmy Awards in his career – yet she left a distinct mark of her own.

Anne Terzian and Robert Crane had met as school sweethearts and married shortly thereafter in 1949; the two went on to have three children: Robert David Crane, Deborah Ann, and Karen Leslie. Bob died in 1978, leaving some portion of his estate for Anne Terzian to inherit.

She currently resides with her sons and daughter as well as Scotty and Ana – stepchildren from her ex-husband’s previous marriage with Sigrid Valdis – whom she does not share much information with the public regarding her personal life. This actress remains very private.

Net Worth

Anne Terzian may not be well known in showbiz circles, but her former husband Bob Crane was quite an accomplished actor – receiving two Emmy Award nominations and working in film as well as music videos and radio broadcasting. Additionally he also participated in drumming performances and radio programming.

Robert David Terzian married Anne Terzian in 1949 and shared three children with her: Robert David, Deborah Anne and Karen Leslie. However, their union ended when they parted ways in 1970.

After her husband died in 1978, she received a large portion of his funds which enabled her to increase her bank balance significantly and ultimately accumulate an estimated net worth of $100,000 by March 2021. At present she prefers living an ordinary life and avoids media scrutiny for unknown personal reasons.

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