Applebees 5 Dollar Sips

Applebee’s 5 Dollar Sips

Five dollars will get you one of the Applebee’s new drinks: $5 Smoocho Mucho Sips These fun drinks have an alcohol content, but don’t taste like alcohol. Valentine’s Day drinks include Tipsy Cupid and Date Night Daiquiri! But be aware: some locations don’t serve these drinks! To find out if your local location serves these drinks, visit Applebees’ website.

The Teremana Blanco Tequila by Dwayne Johnson is used to make the drink. This tequila saw a huge spike in sales. Mast-Jagermeister has signed a licensing agreement to increase the drink’s popularity. It is sweeter and lighter than the Blanco. Applebee’s also offers a $5 version.

Although the Saintly Sips may not be pots of gold they are festive and affordable and great for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. For $5, you can sip on an Irish tea drink like the Tipsy Leprechaun, which contains Jameson Irish whiskey and melon liqueur. A fruity drink such as the Pot O’Gold Colada is also available.

Applebee’s offers special drinks occasionally, even though they aren’t on the regular menu. Right now, they have the Tipsy Shark and Strawberry Daq-A-Rita, which are both available on the menu and to-go. Both can be mixed with gummy sharks and tequila. You can also try the Honey BBQ Wings.

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