Are Tyra And Alex Still Together

Are Tyra and Alex Still Together?

Despite the fact that Tyra and Alex are still together, they have not revealed the exact details of their relationship. However, they have been featured on various social media platforms and are still friends. Tyra has also joined the Campbellsville University cheerleading squad. Alex has also been seen wearing matching tops with pictures of him and Tyra. This gives fans an idea of the status of their relationship.

Tyra and Alex have been a couple for quite some time before Layla was born. However, the relationship has gone through several speed bumps in the course of their long-distance relationship. They had a very interesting dynamic with Tyra’s younger sister Tiarra. Tiarra is also pregnant with a baby. Tyra and Tiarra grew up as best friends. However, their relationship changed dramatically once Layla was born. This made Tyra’s life even more complicated.

Tyra’s younger sister gave birth a few days before she announced that she was pregnant. Tyra spent a lot of time away from her sister and had a hard time adjusting to being a mother. Tyra said that she was very worried about giving up cheerleading. In the end, she decided to pursue her education at Campbellsville University. This made things even more complicated for Tyra and Alex.

Tyra’s mother was concerned about her daughter’s future. She hoped that she would become a great mom. However, Tyra’s mother had a hard time adjusting to being young and a mom. Alex took charge of Layla when Tyra was away. Alex also stayed with Tyra’s grandmother during the time that Tyra was in school.

When Tyra started attending college, things became even more complicated. She was going to Campbellsville University, which is about three hours away from home. This meant that she was away from Alex for a long time. The distance between the two made the relationship even harder. This led to rumors of Alex cheating on Tyra.

Alex has also been seeing other women. He was seen texting another woman during a trip to Texas. He also said that he was seeing another girl. Alex told Tyra that he was going to move on with another woman. However, Tyra stated that she was moving on with Alex. She also said that she would understand if Alex decided to pursue a different relationship.

Tyra has also told fans that she is not interested in getting pregnant again. Tyra has been using contraception and is not planning on having another child. However, she has said that she loves her daughter very much. Alex is also a great father and she is thankful for the experience he has given her.

Tyra and Alex have faced numerous issues throughout their relationship. However, they have worked on these issues together. Eventually, they decided to give their relationship another try. After all, they wanted to prove that their relationship could go through any setbacks. They cited lifestyle changes as a major factor in their decision.

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