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Armenian American Filmmaker Adam Adamyan

While remnants of Armenia’s material past remain, its heritage has been steadily erased over time. This process does not occur by chance but as part of an elaborate century-long plan designed to deprive descendants from land, legacy and memories connected to their ancestral communities.

Colleagues working in Eastern Turkey have revealed how any discussion about Armenian ceramic ware would cause immediate controversy with local officials.

Early Life and Education

The Armenian Educational Foundation collaborated with UCLA to host this conference, which saw close to 400 participants attending.

Archaeology as an academic discipline dedicated to collaboration has an ethical and equitable responsibility toward engaging descendant communities in ethical and equitable representation of history. Although engagement with such groups has become essential in approach that values historical memory, archaeological mappings of eastern Turkey remain focused on creating an image of the Highlands free from unpleasant memories from history.

This unseeing was part of a century-long project of dispossession that severed descendant communities living abroad from their land, legacy and heritage – in turn serving to justify Turkey’s denial of genocide perpetrated against Armenians during 1915. Archaeology played an active role in this denial campaign.

Professional Career

Adam has been dedicated to crafting equitable, just, and science-informed solutions that adapt to climate and social change. He has managed numerous initiatives with city, state, federal governments, infrastructure providers, and nongovernmental organizations.

He has written extensively about climate change, co-editing two books on this subject and publishing in leading peer-review journals and technical reports.

Adam is an industry expert in talent management and organizational development. With extensive knowledge in law, public policy, nonprofits, and serving on boards for multiple organizations he is also an Academy of Legal Ethics member and certified professional coach. Adam’s clients appreciate his thoughtful approach which marries technical knowledge with strong interpersonal abilities to help them achieve their goals.

Achievement and Honors

At the ANCA Burbank gala banquet, local leaders in government, business, grassroots activism, and youth issues received awards at their respective categories. Burbank City Clerk Margarita Campos was honored in her category while Sarkis Nikogosian, owner of an Arizona business and Zareh Sinanyan were each given top honors as recipients.

Armenians (Hayq, plural Hayk) are an ancient people with a vibrant and unique culture. Originating in the kingdoms of Bronze Age South Caucasus and named after an legendary folk hero from their tradition.

Reps. Schiff and Chouldjian each received exquisitely-framed images depicting church and religious relics that have been confiscated by Turkey in an ongoing effort by ANC to secure their return and provide justice for victims of Armenian Genocide.

Personal Life

Ashot Adamyan has garnered numerous prestigious honors and awards throughout his life. He has participated in many renowned international film festivals while adding his unique artistic style to the industry.

He currently resides in New York City with his five children and is actively committed to further strengthening ties between Armenia and America.

Recent publications of Armenian and Georgian versions of Vita of Adam and Eve necessitate a rethinking of past work done on its purported Jewish character, particularly due to their presence. Though present to varying degrees in Latin and Greek manuscripts, its original contours become most evident in Georgian and Armenian versions.

Net Worth

Keuhnelian was among those killed during the April war with Azerbaijan, sending shockwaves through Armenia and its diaspora communities.

Kherlopian, who leads the BAJ Accelerator incubator with members in Boston, Los Angeles, Armenia and Russia is a biophysicist by training. Through HyeTech his company is working toward increasing Armenian per-capita income through startup companies in fields like security, robotics and financial technology.

Armenia may not be at the top of every traveller’s bucket list, but it should definitely be on it! Home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites and world-famous brandy distilleries as well as unspoiled nature, it offers something for everyone with affordable travel costs and not nearly as many tourists than other popular European locations. Plus it’s great place for tasting local cuisine (pomegranates are delicious! Don’t leave without sampling some authentic Armenian bread as well).

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