Artez Adams

Artez Adams Found Guilty of Murdering Kantavious Martin

On Thursday afternoon, a jury deliberated for six hours before finding Artez Adams guilty of killing an acquaintance in front of his daughter, as captured on surveillance video. Prosecutor Adrian Mood called Adams’ actions “senseless” and noted they need justice for this family.

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Early Life and Education

Artez Adams was found guilty by a six-hour jury trial for murdering Kantavious Martin in front of his 12-year-old daughter, as alleged. Adams has had his trial postponed due to lack of witnesses for over six months.

Adams traveled on the Grand Tour of Europe with friends between 1859-1860 and began publishing travel letters as a means of making a living while studying law. Following his wife’s suicide, Adams became deeply entwined with his friends.

Geologist Clarence King and historian John Hay were especially dear to Adams; also close was orator/politician John Randolph from Congress during both Adams administrations; Adams wrote biographies of Randolph as well as Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres later on.

Professional Career

Adams had long dreamed of playing professional football after graduating high school football in Rock Hill. This dream eventually came true and he played six seasons across five teams – suffering multiple game-related concussions in that time.

Adams was described by his neighbors as being kind and hard-working, working at a nearby produce stand and riding four-wheelers with children who his neighbors believed to be his nieces and nephews.

Records show he moved back in with his parents on Marshall Road approximately one year ago, approximately half a mile away from where Lesslie was shot and his daughter stated she did not understand what happened, nor could police provide an explanation as to a motive behind Lesslie’s killing.

Achievement and Honors

Artez Adams, a retired major general in the U.S. Air Force, has earned many honors throughout his life of service to our nation and was recently inducted into Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievers Hall of Fame.

Adams is also an esteemed composer, having created several groundbreaking operas and orchestral compositions. He is widely recognized as being a pioneer of post-minimalist style of music – becoming one of the most acclaimed American composers ever since his arrival on the scene.

Adams has been married twice and has two children from each marriage, as well as serving as a military chaplain to local communities. Currently residing in Tallahassee Florida, Adams is facing trial this week for murdering Kantavious Martin after shooting him dead during an altercation in front of her daughter.

Personal Life

By 1981, Addams had published twelve cartoon collections and was an iconic figure in New York society. Wearing Brooks Brothers suits and Saks ties from Brooks Brothers and Saks respectively, his appearance resembled that of 1940s and ’50s New Yorkers both onscreen and off. He appeared to carry on an elegant lifestyle from some other era of nightclubs, cigarette girls, and big bands – perhaps an echo from some previous lifetime.

His preoccupation with death and violence in his cartoons and behavior gave rise to speculations of schizophrenia; one woman who attended school with Addams in Westfield, New Jersey recalls an unsmiling “sinister figure” who prowled dim halls without greeting anyone.

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