Arya Toufanian Net Worth

Arya Toufanian, from United States, is an esteemed Entrepreneur. With extensive knowledge in his field of Entrepreneurship, Arya creates videos that are informative yet entertaining – which in turn result in business successes for his venture.

He founded I’m Shmacked while attending George Washington University and later went on to date Instagram star Madison Louch.

Early Life and Education

Arya Toufanian was born on April 27th 1993. People born on this date are known to be naturally ambitious and achieve great things throughout their life, much like Arya. Arya has made remarkable contributions in United States’ business sector.

While attending George Washington University, he founded I’s Shmacked as a digital media empire that produces multiple viral videos depicting college party scenes and broadcasts them across social platforms. He made headlines in 2014 when he made comments threatening a reporter on Twitter, as well as dating Instagram star Madison Louch who would later go on to become his girlfriend.

Arya Toufanian remains discreet about his personal life and does not disclose much information regarding his family life. Currently single, Toufanian boasts several celebrity friends and can often be found attending public events.

Professional Career

Arya Toufanian, from United States, has established themselves in their industry through hard work. They are widely respected for their groundbreaking ideas and practical strategies that drive business expansion and success.

After dropping out of George Washington University, Arya Toufanian created a digital media empire which recorded college parties and streamed them live onto social media websites – this venture earned him both money and fame.

Madison Louch is currently dating Instagram sensation Ryan Reynolds. While they have yet to publicly romantically involve one another, they can often be seen together in public spaces. Both parties have also previously dated other celebrities; details regarding their relationship remain private as do any information regarding potential children from either party. Ultimately, though, the pair seem the perfect complement as they share similar interests and passions.

Achievement and Honors

Arya Toufanian is an esteemed Entrepreneur who has made a profound mark on the industry. Known for his videos and amassing millions of fans worldwide, Arya hails from United States where he was born on April 27, 1993.

At 18, after leaving George Washington University, he established I’m Shmacked and began filming college party scenes to share them on social media – the first time anyone ever created and published videos like these on their own.

Madison Louch was an Instagram star who dated this man. However, his personal life remains private as he doesn’t disclose details regarding their relationships and any possible children that he might have had. Furthermore, this page will be updated when more details regarding his relationships become known to us.

Personal Life

Arya Toufanian, born April 27 1993 and currently 30 years old.

Arya tends to maintain his personal life and romantic life in private; however, we know he has been linked with several women over time – most notably Madison Louch (an Instagram influencer).

Arya Toufanian hosts an informative podcast that covers various topics relating to entrepreneurship and business. He interviews entrepreneurs and experts to share their strategies, insights, and best practices with his listeners. Topics range from recent trends in the business world to practical tips for managing teams and increasing productivity; Arya also sheds light on challenges entrepreneurs are up against in today’s highly competitive business world – every episode of Arya Toufanian Business Podcast provides invaluable advice and expertise!

Net Worth

Arya Toufanian, born and based out of United States, has made quite an impactful mark in her field as an Entrepreneur. With global recognition as one of the foremost figures within it, Arya has quickly made herself one of the leading figures within it.

A person’s net worth can be defined as their total assets minus total debt, such as checking and savings account balances, investment portfolios, real estate value, automobile values and any other tangible assets owned. Debt could include mortgage payments, credit card bills or student loans.

Arya Toufanian prefers to keep her personal life private and does not discuss her relationship status publicly, though we know she’s single without children. While Arya doesn’t disclose her height and weight details publicly, we can assume she stands at least 5ft 8in with an impressive physique and an irrepressibly funny sense of humor – perfect characteristics for an actress like her!

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