Ashley Graham Baby Shower

Ashley Graham’s Unusual Baby Shower

Ashley Graham’s baby shower was full of unusual touches! Party-goers were given the opportunity to get free manicures or tattoos. Ashley encouraged people to get pierced and tattooed, and even took a dance class! She shared photos from her baby shower on her Instagram page. This is her favorite moment! She looks stunning! Take a look at the photos! Get party planning!

In New York City, actress Ashley Graham celebrated the upcoming arrival of her first child with a shower for friends and family. The shower featured twerking and manicures as well as tattoos. The venue was decorated using pastel balloons and the words “It’s A Boy!” The venue was decorated with pastel balloons and “It’s a boy!” signs. Guests were also treated to manicures and piercings. Graham was dressed in a red Victor Glemaud fall/winter 2019 dress.

Ashley Graham’s baby shower took the traditional baby shower to the next level. The event took place in New York City’s art gallery, The Foundry. The fun-filled party included manicures and tattoos for guests as well as piercings for their nails. Guests also enjoyed cupcakes and candy. Ashley’s baby shower was so successful, she posted photos to Instagram. So, throw yourself a baby shower like Ashley Graham!

Aside from a Vogue cover and a baby shower for Ashley, the star also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss her pregnancy and her wild af baby shower! Ashley Graham and her husband announced her pregnancy during their nine-year wedding anniversary, so her baby shower was a huge hit! November 7th will bring the newest addition to Graham’s family! Don’t miss her! The baby shower is the perfect celebration for a celebrity couple!

Celebrities have been buzzing about Ashley Graham’s upcoming baby shower. The couple have been busy preparing for their first child since Ervin and Ashley announced their engagement in August. The couple announced their pregnancy in August on the anniversary of Ervin’s wedding. It’s the perfect time to plan a baby shower for the couple. The couple and their adorable little baby will be in high spirits and ready to party.

Celebrity guests are always welcome at an Ashley Graham baby shower. Celebrities are always welcome at this celebrity-style shower. It’s a unique way to celebrate the new member of the Graham family. Ashley Graham’s guests made adorable oneies for her baby, which she then donated to families in need. As you can see, Ashley Graham’s baby shower was full of unique touches that will make you feel special and celebrated! Don’t be afraid to plan one if you are!

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