Aunt Jack

Aunt Jack – A Review

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At New Conservatory Theatre Center, a talented cast skillfully navigates between gay and straight lifestyles in this humorous comedy.

Early Life and Education

After losing both his parents, Jack was adopted by his aunt; unfortunately she was an extremely cruel individual who constantly berated and punished him for doing household chores. Yet Jack proved himself an intelligent child with plenty of creative talents and independent spirit who thrived under her strict care.

This show featured both one-off sketches and episodes with multiple regular and semi-regular characters such as Flange Desire, Thin Arthur, Kid Eager and Narrator Neville as regulars and semi-regular characters; including Flange Desire, Thin Arthur, Kid Eager and Narrator Neville as regulars as well as Bond’s Kev Kavanagh who served as rock ‘n roll butcher and his straight girlfriend Phyll (Jennifer McGeorge).

This entertaining and insightful play explores unexpected collisions between gay and straight life, presented at The New Conservatory Theatre Center by top San Francisco actors. To learn more and purchase tickets click here.

Professional Career

Nora Brigid Monahan’s Aunt Jack makes its world premiere this week at Empire Stage in New York and promises an exquisite farcical gender identity rom-com comedy experience, exploring family conflict within an evolving sexual landscape.

This program featured an ever-rotating cast of regular and semi-regular characters such as Aunty Jack, Flange Desire, Thin Arthur and Narrator Neville. Additionally they appeared in Wollongong the Brave spin-off and one-off specials such as Aunty Jack Rox On special featuring rock band Flash Nick from Jindivick; country and eastern music exponents the Farrelly Brothers; bodgie butcher Kev Kavanagh.

Norman Gunston first appeared as part of a single sketch in Series 2, later becoming the star of its spin-off The Norman Gunston Show from 1975-1983 and winning an Logie award in 1977 for Best Comedy Series.

Achievement and Honors

Empire Stage is an artist-driven collective that produces exciting works originating in both New York City and South Florida theatrical communities. We provide theater artists a supportive space in which to experiment, take risks and grow as writers, directors, actors and designers.

The show featured a rotating cast of regular and semi-regular characters such as Flange Desire, Thin Arthur, Narrator Neville and Kid Eager (played by John Derum before later Garry McDonald), among many others such as folk-singing duo Errol & Neil, rock singer Sheila Gong and meat expert Kev Kavanagh.

The New Conservatory Theatre Center will kick off their 2022-2023 season with Aunt Jack, an ingenious play that examines love, sex, and politics–albeit often discordantly. Starring Daniel Barrett and Shannon Booth respectively. For tickets or additional information please click here.

Personal Life

Though seemingly outrageous in concept, this show contains some truly touching moments. If you’re interested in gender identity politics or sexuality issues, give this show a look.

Aunty Jack returned in 1975 for a one-hour special that featured the core cast and many regular characters such as Flange Desire, Thin Arthur and gum-chewing Kid Eager who replaced Narrator Neville (John Derum). Additionally, meat expert Kev Kavanagh introduced by Bond in Homesdale made his debut appearance during this special. Following its cancellation the show gained a cult following while also inspiring a book publication and movie release in 1979.

Net Worth

He has made more than 60 movies over his six-decade career and remains one of the highest-paid actors, boasting an estimated net worth of $400 Million.

He is widely known for his work behind the camera as both director and writer on low-budget films produced by Roger Corman. He is honored with membership into both the Hollywood Hall of Fame and multiple Academy Award nominations.

John Somers is an art collector, boasting an estimated collection worth more than $150 million from various notable artists. As an early employee of PayPal and venture capital investments, Somers currently resides in Los Angeles; during 1962 to 1968 he was married to actress Sandra Knight; other relationships included Anjelica Huston, Rebecca Broussard and Lara Flynn Boyle.

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