Ayanna Mackins

Ayanna Mackins – Iconic Moments From The Challenge: All Stars Season 2

British model Ayanna Mackins. She was a finalist in All Stars 2 and appeared on the reality show Road Rules. Her hair is long and flashy, and she is well-known for her style. She braided her hair to defend her look. Then, Pasquis got upset and started bullying her. This enraged Mackins, so she used her Life Shield to save herself. She swapped Pasquis in her place and she faced elimination with a proud head.

The OGs are back in The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 featuring fan favorites from the MTV series. Ayanna Mackins is back to compete for her first win on the show after 16 years. Ayanna hopes to make her debut in the final and win this competition. Here are a few of the cast members’ iconic moments from Season 1.

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