Aymée Nuviola La Gota Fría

Aymee Nuviola La Gota Fria

Aymee Nuviola recently performed at the Grammy Awards. She sang a Latinoamerican rendition of Carlos Vives song “La gota fria”. The song was originally sung by Carlos Vives, but Nuviola added salsa rhythms to the song, bringing the crowd to their feet. Critics from all over the world praised “Aymee Nuviola La Gota Fria.”

This guerra song is available on digital music platforms and on Mexican radio and television stations. The intention is to position the Cuban singer as an artist the world should pay attention to. The song literally brings the world to their knees and is a testament of the artist’s talent as well as dedication to music. Aymee Nuviola’s guava-scented accordion and her sultry vocals make the song a standout release.

Aymee Nuviola’s music is an example of Cuban culture and tradition. The group has won numerous awards and is now known internationally. Aymee’s debut album, “Sin Salsa No Hay Paradise”, has been nominated in three Latin Grammy Awards and featured on the playlists of many prestigious international music festivals. She is open and honest and is willing to share her personal experiences with the world.

Nuviola was born in Havana (Cuba) in 1973. Her parents are engineers and educators, and she began playing the piano at an early age. She was a child who loved to sing and compose music. The artist was inspired by the music of Benny More, Elena Burke, Omara Portuondo, and Orquestra Reve. Nuviola and her sister formed the duo Las Hermanas Nuviola and began performing sessions for local musicians.

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