Ayumu Hirano Parents

Ayumu Hirano Parents

Are you interested in learning more information about the Ayumu Hirano family? Are you proud of the Olympic victory for your daughter? If so, you are not alone! The three-time Olympic gold medalist and Japanese skateboard champion was not your typical teenager. Her parents were devoted to her passion and support her every step of the way. You can read their full bios here. You can also find many interesting facts about their daughter.

Ayumu Hirano was born and raised in Murakami, Japan. Hirano’s father Hidenori was a surfer who started a surf shop. He also built the Nihonkai Skate Park in his hometown. However, his parents did not want him to follow in their footsteps. His parents wanted him pursue his dreams and be happy.

Hirano started skateboarding at age four and began snowboarding half a decade later. Hirano didn’t remember when he started, but it was probably around that time that his parents decided to take him to the first official halfpipe in Japan. He also attended the first skateboarding competitions, and even participated in skateboarding competitions. Hirano’s parents also took him to a ski resort called Yokone in Yamagata prefecture, which is home to Japan’s first official concrete halfpipe.

Although skateboarding and snowboarding are two different sports, they are both extremely challenging and Hirano is an exceptional athlete. She has three Olympic medals and won the X Games at the young age of fourteen. The X Games made her the youngest ever medalist. She also won gold in the half pipe at the 2014 and 2018 Winter X Games. She hopes to compete at the Tokyo summer Olympics in 2020.

Hirano’s father, Hidenori, was an avid surfer. Hidenori also built a skatepark in his hometown. His mother, Tomiko Hirano, was an advocate for her son. Their children have all been inspired by Hirano’s athleticism. Ayumu Hirano’s parents are committed to his dream. Hirano was born 1998 in Niigata Prefecture. He has a mother who believed in his talent and encouraged her to pursue her passion.

Ayumu Hirano was conceived in Murakami (Niigata), Japan. Her parents are Japanese nationals and her mother is from the same region. His parents provided a solid foundation for his career and he chose to skateboard over surfing. There are several interesting facts about her parents and her family. Eiju is their beautiful daughter. They hold the Japanese nationality and are proud of their daughter’s success.

Ayumu Hirano, 23, is a Japanese citizen. Both her parents were highly educated. Kaishu, her younger brother, is also a skateboarder. She has won many gold and silver medals, including an Olympic halfpipe. Ayumu has a sister named Eiju, who is also a famous snowboarder. Their parents are still alive and they are still close to one another.

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