Ayva Jane

Ayva Jane Passes Away

We have been receiving multiple posts, comments, and shares on the recent death of actress Ayva Jane. We hope to share more information on the passing of this sweet little girl. Her family will also make an official obituary, which will be published soon. We ask everyone to wait for the statement before sharing further details. We are saddened by this terrible loss and hope that her passing can inspire others to come forward and express their condolences.

Police arrested Guthrie after a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Ayva’s death. Guthrie was intoxicated at time of shooting. Police found that Guthrie had a high tolerance for marijuana, and was using it to kill her daughter. They also found that Guthrie had a gun and was trying to shoot her daughter. She told detectives she was “surprised” the gun went off. Ayva was shot to the head by Guthrie, according to police.

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