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Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Remarries Her 90 Day Fiance Husband

If you’ve ever watched the popular show 90 Day Fiance, you’ve probably seen the profile of Baby Girl Lisa Hamme. Reality star Lisa Hamme met her husband on the show. Although she was surprised to learn that Usman Umar wasn’t a Nigerian citizen she has remained legally married. Lisa and Usman were together since 2008, and although their relationship didn’t last, it was definitely entertaining.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme was in a difficult relationship with her husband after her first episode. A new girlfriend was also in the picture. After two months, Usman realizes Lisa is his girlfriend and invites her to Tanzania to film a music clip. Kim, meanwhile, has her own problems, but finds a way to make it work.

Although Usman and Lisa never divorced, Usman said in an InTouch interview with Usman that Lisa refused to sign divorce papers together with him and that she even yelled at the latter during the legal process. Despite the lack of legal documentation, the two are happy and have announced that they have remarried. Whether this is Usman’s idea or Lisa’s, the relationship is still very public.

Lisa Hamme is more active on social media despite the popularity of the series. She has many followers on Twitter and has taken to Twitter to voice her opinions on important issues. Her most recent move was to stand up for the Black Lives Matter movement and the controversy over racial slurs. This move was criticized for displaying a double standard.

Despite their popularity, Lisa’s and Usman’s relationship was not easy for either of them. Lisa was 53 when she met Usman, and their relationship was incredibly strange. Their dysfunction led to them both going bankrupt. Although they are not officially divorced, they did get married in the final episode of Season 4.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the show’s star was already cast in another reality series. A spin-off of 90 Day Fiance, B90 Strikes Back, will see her respond to hateful comments and social media opinions. While TLC has yet to confirm the names of the two stars, the star was reportedly cast with Avery Warner, Tom Brooks, and Ed Brown. Although Lisa was fired from 90 Day Fiance after controversially using racial slurs, her role in the show has remained on the internet.

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