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Miss B Calligraphy

Miss B Calligraphy offers exceptional custom calligraphy and lettering services on Maui. Barbara Vanderpool has a formal education in illustration and design, as well as a passion for letterwriting and the lost art that is hand drawing. She is a specialist in wedding invitations, large-scale signage, menu design, and illustrations. Barbara uses her own style in calligraphy to create unique designs for every bride’s special day. The result is a gorgeous design, perfect for a special day.

The Italic Hand and Chancery are three styles of western calligraphy. This style is very legible and slants to the right. It is the basis for the modern Italic typeface and is a great choice for a framed family tree or special invitations. Italic Hand is versatile and can be used for many purposes, including greeting cards, invitations and greeting cards.

Oriental calligraphy is also a beautiful type of art. It uses delicate, thin lines. This style is considered beautiful and readable, and was used for many centuries to write the Qur’an. The Kufic script is the original Arabic calligraphy style, and is characterized by its emphasis on geometric patterns and horizontal motions. Oriental calligraphy is used primarily for paper crafts and stone carving, unlike Western calligraphy. Each letter emphasizes the movement of each letter, which is unlike Western calligraphy.

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