Bar Rescue Puerto Rico Shibo

Bar Rescue in Puerto Rico

During the hurricane, almost the entire population of Puerto Rico lost power and many businesses were destroyed. This included the Shibo family’s restaurant, which was severely damaged. As a result, they lost their money and employees. In April, they underwent a major makeover to recover the business.

Hurricane Maria ravaged the restaurant

Seeing a slew of adolescent geeks in the wrong seat at a bar in the early aughts may be akin to winning the lottery but a Hurricane Maria and a boozed up politician may be the stuff of nightmares. There’s no denying that Puerto Rico is the envy of the states, but the silver tailed brews will be hard to beat. The novelty will have to be scotched before it’s too late. The big question is who will take the reins? The neophyte aficionados may be a handful, but the good folks will be aplenty. Besides, there’s a good chance that they are your neighbors.

Hurricane Maria left nearly the entire population of Puerto Rico without power

Thousands of Puerto Ricans are living without power and water after Hurricane Maria swept through the island in September. Hurricanes can have serious health implications, and Hurricane Maria’s devastation has added to an already challenging situation.

The island suffered devastating damage, including the loss of key infrastructure, like pumping stations and water treatment facilities. In addition, nearly a third of the island’s customers are still without power in western and southern Puerto Rico. In some areas, people have been living without power and water for days.

The storm left hundreds of thousands without access to clean water. One person died after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the island on January 7. The island is expected to have an above-normal hurricane season this year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting 13 to 19 named storms could form this year.

The makeover happened in April 2018

During my recent trip to Puerto Rico, I visited the Bar Rescue makeover at the Shibo bar. While there was some drama, the bar’s relaunch was a success. They report over $1 million in sales per year. The bar has its own souvenir glass and drink.

The bar was supposedly ruined by Hurricane Maria, but I was surprised to find it in good shape. The owners had 14 employees. There were 16 plates in the kitchen. There were also bikers making drinks. Apparently, the owner was not investing in the bar as much as he had made it appear. In addition, there was dry rot under the grounds. Several engineers spent several days fixing the floorboards.

The owner of the Black Light District bar wanted a makeover. He didn’t want to have a theme change or any Bar Rescue cocktails, but he wanted free publicity.

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