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Barb McCaskey Is The Daughter Of Bears Owner George Halas

McCaskey, daughter of famed Bears owner George Halas, and other Halas heirs own an estimated 80% share of the franchise and serves as Secretary for it.

McCaskey wears earpieces that resemble those used by television anchors and has learned to eavesdrop conversations to listen for subtle inflections and inflections of speech. She carefully chooses her seat so lip-reading works.

Early Life and Education

George McCaskey was born in the United States but has not revealed the precise date of his birth publicly.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Chicago Bears of the National Football League and had previously held the position of ticket director with this club.

At Boston University, she played and captained the basketball team while also serving as sports editor of her school newspaper. Later she earned a master’s degree.

She met her husband at a softball game and they have one child together. While their personal lives remain highly private, there do not appear to be any issues between them as they enjoy an amicable and prosperous married life together – both avid fans of sports – spending hours watching games together or engaging in other activities together.

Professional Career

McCaskey spent his off-seasons refereeing youth football and umpiring baseball, as well as working at a local television station as an NBC affiliate reporter.

In 1991, he suffered from Meniere’s disease which caused vertigo and hearing loss, eventually worsening until only hearing his own voice and that of his wife Barb were audible to him.

McCaskey nonetheless continued working at the Bears as their Ticket Officer Director, tracking all of the jerseys that players wore every week during the season. Now he has three binders of Bears uniforms, enjoying this collection and considering them sacred; even tracking each jersey with its own code number! Virginia Halas McCaskey and Ed McCaskey (formerly Bears Chairman). He is their eighth child.

Achievement and Honors

Five McCaskey High School alumni — James Spoo, Nancy Hite Giles, Barbara Barr, Norman Bristol Colon and Lorraine “Lori” Dean –were recognized today when they returned to speak with students from their alma mater. Each received the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Barr works for WGAL TV as a news and sports reporter and anchor. She credits McCaskey basketball with helping her secure scholarships at Boston University where she studied journalism before earning her degree.

Giles Giles, of Columbia, South Carolina is the owner of Southern Strutt Dance Studio. At McCaskey she learned the value of hard work and staying focused on goals; with an affinity for arts she is committed to helping others appreciate dance’s benefits.

Personal Life

McCaskey has always been mindful of fans’ emotional and financial investments in the Bears, something he learned as ticket director for the team and continues to remember now that he serves as chairman.

Mr. DeRouen is also a talented lip reader, preferring small meetings where he can identify soft talkers and hear their inflections more easily. Using hearing-aid equivalent to an iPhone X and strategically choosing his seat so as to see the speaker’s lips clearly is part of his skill set.

At her high school, Johana Reynoso balances being an advanced placement student with serving as both mentor and tutor for her fellow classmates. In addition, she serves as co-photographer of her yearbook and auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice.” As a senior she hopes to become the Chief Financial Officer in the music industry – currently accepted into Penn State, Drexel University, and still waiting on word from Ivy League schools!

Net Worth

Though she possesses massive wealth, she is widely recognized for her philanthropy work and has donated millions to various causes. Additionally, she enjoys great support among fellow NFL team owners and is widely respected throughout the league.

Though she holds the official position of secretary in the Bears organization, she is empowered to cast votes for both her shares as well as those belonging to her children and grandchildren, giving her control of 80% of ownership in total. She remains committed to upholding its integrity, having never discussed selling it.

McCaskey is a married woman who prefers to keep her personal life private, refusing to discuss details regarding her relationships or intimate moments with others. It is widely assumed that she enjoys an enjoyable marital life with her partner in their luxurious house in Los Angeles.

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