Barbara Lewis Net Worth

Barbara Lewis is an American home decor product seller with an estimated net worth of over $20 Million. In addition, she is also an accomplished vocal coach and provides guidance and articles for aspiring singers.

She has long been recognized in the music industry, known for her elegant vocals that have had an influence over rhythm and blues genre.

Early Life and Education

Barbara Lewis has spent her career involved with education and arts. This has given her extensive experience that has contributed to her current position.

Born and raised in Salem, Michigan, she grew up with parents both playing musical instruments and leading orchestras; singing at high school; eventually landing a job as radio DJ for local station.

She currently works at the University of Massachusetts Boston where she teaches freshman English classes, in addition to being a creative writer who has participated in projects with Company One, GrubStreet and Athenaeum’s workshop for educators last year. Additionally, she studies August Wilson and black female playwrights.

Professional Career

Professionally, she has written articles and short stories for national newspapers and magazines and won nine state and national teaching awards. Additionally, she has published children’s books with Free Spirit Publishing as well as hosted workshops as well as radio and television programs.

Hillside International Truth Center, Inc. was established by her as a New Thought healing ministry that has drawn thousands of members and supporters worldwide. Additionally, she is the author of over 25 books.

She appeared as a guest expert in several television shows and national news programs, offering guidance and counsel to heads of state. She earned various recognitions including being honored with the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference award for servant leadership; additionally, she is a member of Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College.

Achievement and Honors

Lewis initially released several albums through Atlantic Records before rejoining forces with Ollie McLaughlin to produce a grungier sound on Stax Records. She was recognized with a Pioneer Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

“Hello Stranger” reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1963 and since then she has recorded numerous other hit songs and received many prestigious awards.

She hosts a television show on local channel and offers home decorating products to her customers. She has won various prestigious awards from different organizations and is an invaluable source of motivation for others. Additionally, she is an accomplished writer having published several books. Furthermore, she is an effective orator having participated in seminars and conferences across India.

Personal Life

Personality Traits of Mary-Beth Johnson In her personal life, Mary-Beth is a woman who highly values family. She has formed strong bonds with all members of her immediate and extended family members, which has enabled her to use these strengths to become successful in her professional endeavors.

She boasts an impressive resume in both professional and personal pursuits, and is well known for writing books that inspire children to serve others. Her work has been recognized in Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Family Circle and numerous national papers and programs.

Born in Salem, Michigan to musicians who led orchestras, music was an integral part of her upbringing. From playing piano and guitar in her teens to writing songs as early as her thirties – her song, “Hello Stranger,” reached #3 on Billboard chart!

Net Worth

Barbara Lewis Shabby Tree has become a renowned celebrity in the world of home decor products. She has made tremendous strides toward reaching this point and strives hard to retain it as one of the premier personalities.

Her parents were musicians who led orchestras, so music was always around her as she grew up. Her first hit song was “Hello Stranger,” which reached number three on the Billboard chart in 1963 and she has written and recorded numerous albums since. Now living between Montreal’s indie-music-lovers and sunny Mexican sun-soaked countrysides; enjoying salsa dancing and cats and training as a vocal coach while having currently Toronto pianist Doug Balfour as her pianist; estimated net worth: an estimated $6.2 Million

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