Barbie Dream House Car

Barbie Dream House Car Review

Barbie’s dream home is a three-story house that includes a bedroom and a closet. It also has a living room. The pink canopy covers the bed and there is a lighted mirror and working lights. The bathroom includes a bubbling sink, a fishbowl, and realistic wooden-topped table and chairs. The bathroom also includes a battery-operated Barbie dream car and a horse that has realistic movement.

The Barbie Dreamhouse came unassembled in a small box, with a small manual that had black and white pictures and small printed words. It took me about 45 minutes to put together and I was able play with the parts as I went. After I was done, I was able set it up as a Barbie dollhouse. My daughter loved to play with it and watched it come to life. Barbie also got to watch a Moana movie every night, which is one of her favorite shows.

Mattel created several variations of the Barbie Dream House after it became so popular. From the 1960s to the 2000s, Barbie houses came in a range of colors and featured working appliances. Some toys had fireplaces and telephones! Some even had working elevators! The Barbie Dream House is a great gift idea for little girls! A Barbie Dream House and its car will delight little girls who love playing with Barbie toys.

While it might seem like a small car, the Barbie Dream House has a fascinating history. The original Barbie “Dreamhouse” came out in 1962 and modeled everyday life at a small scale. The original dream house had just a single room, so Barbie needed a car to move around. Barbie’s first car was an Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II. The Porsche car’s lights even worked!

The Barbie Dream House car is a cute way to expand the automotive world for young girls. It was originally designed to be Barbie’s car, but later other characters were added. Ken and the other characters were featured in the cars as well. Barbie’s car was a huge success! However, it was a flop commercially. The ‘car’ was still a hit in Barbie’s dream home.

Although the original Dream House is no more made, it’s still a great collectible. Many vintage Dream Houses can fetch up to $200 or more. You can also find many original Dream House sets for sale online. Although they may not be easy to find in their original condition or make a purchase on the Mattel website, reproductions of the doll houses are possible. If you want to purchase an original doll house, expect to pay $100-$200.

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