Barbie Harley

Barbie Harley Davidson – Why You Should Get This Toy

It’s time to pick up your first Barbie Harley Davidson doll. There are many reasons to get this toy, but we’ve chosen a few for their distinctive qualities:

The first is that she loves motorcycles. You’ll love her look! She wears a black and orange leatherette jacket with the Harley-Davidson logo on it, and a sleeveless white and black t-shirt. Black engineer motorcycle boots, silvery hoop earrings and cool wrap-around sunglasses are some of the accessories. The set also includes a biker-inspired backpack and Harley-Davidson-inspired motorcycle helmet.

The new tattooed Barbie is another thing that is making news. She looks like a high-class call girl, and the Harley Davidson Barbie is no exception. Collectors may be interested in the latter. The tokidoki version has tattoos and can be bought for $50. If you’re looking for something really unusual, you can buy the tattooed version by tokidoki, which is made by a fashion company called Tokidoki. This doll is not the only thing that’s causing a stir despite its high price tag.

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