Barbie Made To Move

Barbie Made to Move

Barbie Made to Move encourages creativity, active play, and role-play fun. This doll has 22 joints and can perform a wide range in motion. She comes in a fun, casual wardrobe with accents and floral yoga pants. The doll’s 22 joints enable her to move in many ways, including posing, walking, and sitting cross-legged. It comes with accessories to enhance the experience and inspire creative play.

The first line of Made to Move dolls was introduced in 2015. This line of dolls has the most posable bodies of all. A single doll can have 22 articulation points, and some dolls can bend their arms or legs. They’re so flexible, it’s easy to mimic the poses that make real-life Barbies look like they’re in their real-life environments. Some fans of the dolls have even gone as far as buying one in different color combinations, so they can swap their favorite head out with a new one!

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