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Kyle Kingsbury is a high school student in Manhattan who is rich, handsome, popular but selfish and shallow. After playing an evil practical joke on one of his classmates who turns out to be a witch she becomes cursed to turn into a beast.

Early Life and Education

Beastly is an imaginative modernization of Beauty and the Beast that follows Alex Pettyfer as Kyle Kingsbury, an attractive yet rich high school student whose cruel practical joke on an outcast classmate (Mary-Kate Olsen of Olsen twins fame) backfires when that girl turns out to be a powerful witch who curses him with an evil spell that turns him into a hideous monster until he finds someone who unconditionally accepts him.

Beastly’s biggest frustration lies in its brilliant concept: that of breaking a magical curse through true love – yet this potential gem is let down by poor storytelling, weak characters and dire direction. Furthermore, Pettyfer and Hudgens lack any spark that made Belle and the Beast such an endearing pair in Beauty and the Beast.

Professional Career

Beastly has made his mark as an esteemed DJ throughout Florida and Georgia dance floors. Combining scratching, custom mashups, sampling, and energetic performances to leave an everlasting impression with his audiences, Beastly brings his energetic performances that leave a lasting impression with each performance he gives.

David has performed at events for Invicta, J.R. Cricket’s in Atlanta and Concorde Career Institute – in addition to serving as a DJ he also aspires to becoming an aspiring filmmaker.

Daniel Barnz made waves with the 2008 Sundance hit “Phoebe in Wonderland”, but after its failure he returned with “Beastly” which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival featuring Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone and Michael Sheen – an impressive trio that will help ensure another success of “Cake.”

Personal Life

Kyle Kingsbury’s story as an influential, rich, handsome high school student who played an awful prank on Lindy, thus being cursed to live forever as an ugly beast is an important reminder that looks aren’t everything and can lead to harmful decisions. Teenage readers of Kyle Kingsbury may find this relatable as it shows how superficiality can lead to bad decisions.

Daniel Barnz directed this adaptation of Alex Flinn’s novel for CBS Films’s inaugural year-old movie division and showed signs that it has life beyond just its movie arm. Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer star in an intelligent, well-directed, and hilarious teen fantasy that makes us glad that we still have them around today.

Net Worth

Mr Beast’s business acumen combined with his philanthropy make him an unparalleled force. His YouTube channel draws millions of views every day, while he has also expanded his income streams through merchandise sales and other avenues.

He challenges viewers in his videos to engage in fun, social and charitable activities that benefit society at large. For example, once offered to cover cataract removal surgeries for 1000 blind people which went viral and garnered many donations from viewers of his video.

He has collaborated with leading brands, such as Quidd, Honey and TikTok. Mr Beast is known for creating highly engaging and entertaining content – his success serving as an example for other online creators – making him an indispensable role model for future online influencers.

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