Bec Adams

Bec Adams – Yin/Yang Between NYC and LA

Bec Adams was raised in Australia, drawing inspiration from nature and an open sky at night. Yet she was drawn towards New York City – its contrast offering freedom while offering opportunities.

She serves as Senior Director of Marketing for Sony Music Australia and leads an internal team focused on mental health, equality and environmental impacts. Recently she was selected to take part in the Observership Program which encourages young people to join non-profit boards.

Professional Career

Bec Adams is a music supervisor and DJ from Australia who founded female-focused music marketing agency Les Filles. We sat down with Bec in studio to learn about her journey as an artist and the importance of using music to promote brands.

At F+W Publications she served as National Accounts Assistant before attending Radcliffe Publishing Course before joining Adams Media in 2000 as Domestic Rights Licensing Coordinator – acting as liaison between editorial, design, and marketing departments.

As Director of Managing Editorial, she oversees 150+ titles a year and loves the variety it brings her role. She takes great pleasure in editing manuscripts carefully for missing periods, misplaced commas and typos – something her role affords her the opportunity to do!

Personal Life

Bec Adams was nurtured with musical instruction from both her piano-playing mother and record-collecting father – two musicians in themselves! Born and raised in Australia, Bec is now based out of Los Angeles as a music supervisor, DJ, and founder of Les Filles female-led music marketing agency. Living between both NYC and LA has helped her recognize an industry need for brands to utilize music as an image-discovery tool!

He was an outspoken proponent of environmental conservation throughout his career, helping establish the photography department at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and photographing every US national park for commission. This work helped elevate American photography; furthermore, he founded Sierra Club and served on its board; moreover he also founded and served on its board for The Wilderness Society.

Net Worth

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