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Ben Bratman and Jordan Bratman

Ben Bratman is an Associate Professor at Pitt Law, where he teaches two required first-year courses: Legal Analysis and Writing and Legislation & Regulation. In addition to being an experienced professor, he’s an adept improviser who has written numerous articles pertaining to how improvisational theater fits with law school teaching methods.

Recently, he has focused on how law schools can instil professionalism into their students. In addition, he examined recent Bar Exam reforms and how they might better reflect experiential learning that many law schools now incorporate in their curricula.

Early Life and Education

Professor Ben Bratman is a faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law where he teaches Legal Analysis and Writing and Legislation & Regulation courses required of all first-year law students. Additionally, Ben is responsible for overseeing Pitt Law’s innovative “standardized client” program which allows all first-year law students to interview a trained mock client from Pitt School of Medicine as part of the standardized client program. Furthermore, Ben has studied improvisational theater for many years and utilizes this form to impart communication skills via his course Applied Improv for Lawyers.

His research centers around global environmental politics, with particular attention given to pollinators like bees as agents of change for both social and environmental good. He is currently writing his first book entitled Honey and Influence: The Bee in Global Environmental Politics.

Professional Career

Ben Bratman teaches legal analysis and writing at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, serving as faculty advisor for Pitt’s student Moot Court Board as well as leading its bar exam preparation efforts.

His research interests lie at the intersection of political theory, environmental politics and legal studies. Currently he is working on writing his first book entitled Governing the Rainforest: Sustainable Development Politics in Brazil.

At Pittsburgh’s Scranton Comedy Institute, he also performs improvisation comedy. After years of studying and performing improv, his knowledge is used in the classroom to teach students effective communication. Furthermore, he serves as an instructor for Pitt’s first-year course Legal Analysis & Writing; many of his exercises and assignments have now become standard across other law schools.

Personal Life

At Leeds he continued working on his books and articles, such as revising The Book of Lost Tales and Songs for Philologists (an anthology of traditional lyrics set to old English and Viking tunes), helping edit a new edition of Sir Gawain and Green Knight, writing his own stories of adventure as well as taking part in home service at various camps during periods of remission.

Bratman’s teaching methods are widely respected and have been adopted by other law schools. He is well known as an accomplished legal analysis and writing instructor; having written many course exercises for Legal Analysis and Writing as well as articles regarding bar exams and legal education. Furthermore, he is an improviser who regularly performs with SCIT student team.

Net Worth

Jordan Bratman is an American music marketer and producer. He began his career while attending Ethical Culture Fieldston School, interning at recording studios in New York City. Later, Jordan worked in Louisiana as both talent scout and producer alongside musicians such as Dallas Austin. Furthermore, Jordan contributed soundtracks for Universal Pictures movies.

Personal Life. He was married to Christina Aguilera from 2002 until they separated in 2011. Together they have one child named Max.

Bratman has established himself as one of the best-known A-list exes in Hollywood, yet his exact net worth remains difficult to ascertain. While he holds some investments and owns an estimated multi-million-dollar property, much of his personal life remains largely private.

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