Benjamin Hannesson

Benjamin Hannesson

Retirement was spent camping, fishing and working with wood. He was an active member of Trinity Lutheran Church as well as VFW Post 7022 in Redby. Additionally, he held board positions with Redby Mission Board and Northern Lutheran School Boards.

Gudmundur Hannesson’s technical knowledge and training vocation reached their apex with the release of his 1921 handbook Steinsteypa: Leidarvisir for Althydu og Vidvaninga [Concrete: A Handbook for Common People and Beginners].

Early Life and Education

Formerly, Hannesson held positions as both a cattle rancher and farmer in North Dakota as well as an instructor in California, northern Minnesota and Grand Forks public schools. At UNorth Dakota he earned a master’s degree in industrial technologies before becoming a member of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Hannesson’s victim called 911 after being attacked by him in rural Walhalla on October 14. Police believe Hannesson entered her home and digitally penetrated her. Later he slapped her buttocks, pulled her hair and stole her purse, according to reports from Walhalla residents.

Hannesson was married to Sarah and resided in Orange County, California. He taught at Biola University; their two children Pamela and Bradley. Hannesson belonged to Trinity Lutheran Church as well as VFW and American Legion membership.

Professional Career

Academic career. He made groundbreaking interdisciplinary contributions to Renaissance literature studies. His dissertation and subsequent research explored non-finito (unfinishedness) as an aesthetic and hermeneutic strategy across literary, humanistic, and art historical texts from this era.

Pembina County deputies were called out on October 16, 2018 from a rural Walhalla home regarding an alleged rape, and found Hannesson as her attacker. After speaking with her victim and investigating, five felony charges have been levelled against Hannesson: Gross Sexual Imposition-Forcible Rape, Burglary At Night, Aggravated Assault and Felonsious Restraint.

He leaves behind his wife, JoAnn Youngquist Bakken-Elleson of Crookston Minnesota; sons Tim (special friend Stacey) Youngquist from Grand Forks and Tom Youngquist of St Petersburg Minnesota; stepson Dennis Bakken from Seligma Missouri; sister in laws JoAnne Youngquist from Fargo North Dakota and Sady Newell from Crookston Minnesota as well as seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Personal Life

Pembina County sheriff’s deputies reported that the victim contacted 911 after discovering her home had been broken into and someone forcedfully digitally penetrated her vagina and raped her. She identified Benjamin Hannesson, who was later arrested. Hannesson is now facing five felony charges: Gross Sexual Imposition-Forcible Rape; Burglary at Night; Felonsious Restraint; Terrorizing; Theft of Property.

Benjamin describes storytelling as an artform performed by performers who engage the audience voluntarily and creates an imaginary yet half-real world ruled by real rules, creating stories with greater truths than factual reality can alone reveal. While stories elicited by human storytellers can be recorded and broadcast through other means, Benjamin cautions that such efforts often compromise their message by watering down or otherwise altering them before broadcast.

Net Worth

Hannesson currently boasts a net worth of $6 Million dollars, amassed through acting and writing. His wealth was amassed through work on film and television projects such as Science Court, Home Movies and Dr. Katz Professional Therapist (NBC series). Hannesson also serves as voice over artist for numerous shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Family Guy (as voice actor). Hannesson currently resides in Walhalla North Dakota with two children of his own.

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