Benjamin Norg

Benjamin Norg

Benjamin Norg is an attorney and former prosecutor who specializes in Criminal Defense at Sharp & Associates. He graduated with honors from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, earning several Dean’s and Honor Roll Awards along the way.

Ben is also the founding and editor of Geopolitica Economica, an independent media outlet dedicated to investigative journalism and original analysis. His journalistic work has been featured in various media outlets like Salon and AlterNet; additionally he has appeared on BBC, Sky News, Democracy Now, Al Jazeera as well as teleSUR, RT, CGTN Press TV HispanTV Sin Censura for television appearances.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin is often associated with the Biblical figure of a righteous young child who remained loyal to his father while his older brothers plotted against him (Genesis 44). Within Expressionist Nietzsche-reception, this understanding of tragedy informs much of Benjamin’s political thought.

Benjamin’s late work, the fragments ‘On the Concept of History,’ is particularly insightful on this point. Here he tackles the question of whether historical materialism can incorporate concepts of beautiful semblance such as those associated with Plato and Platonism into its ideology – drawing heavily upon Scholem, Adorno and Brecht to determine this topic’s direction of discussion.

Benjamin’s interpretation of history as messianic remains an engaging theoretical debate and informs works such as Naples and One-Way Street as well as his unfinished Arcades Project research.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Ertl has achieved many remarkable academic successes during his time at Academy of Holy Angels. He enrolled in ten Advanced Placement courses and was honored as an AP Scholar of Distinction in several subjects, such as Spanish. Additionally, he engaged in numerous extracurricular activities but his true passion lay with speech and debate tournaments, earning multiple All-Conference awards as a regional champion as well as captain status at state tournaments; additionally, he participated on Knowledge Bowl team.

Personal Life

Benjamin is an avid sports fan with a keen interest in politics. He currently resides with his family in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he serves as an attorney at Sharp & Associates Law Firm as criminal defense.

He has extensive expertise in project development, financings, hedge transactions and acquisitions related to complex power, LNG, natural gas pipeline and transportation projects. Additionally, he frequently represents sponsors, international lenders, underwriters and private equity funds in limited recourse financings.

Ben Norton is the founder and editor of Geopolitica Economica, an independent media outlet for research and analysis. Prior to starting Geopolitica Economica he served as a politics staff writer for Salon and AlterNet as well as contributing to media watchdog Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). Additionally he writes a column for Al Mayadeen (in both English and Spanish), has been interviewed by various channels such as BBC World Service TV News Democracy Now El Financiero Bloomberg TeleSUR TRT World Press TV HispanTV Sin Censura as well as various local channels in Venezuela Nicaragua Ecuador Bolivia.

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