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Ben Skinner

Ben Skinner has taken it upon himself to infiltrate trafficking networks, illegal brothels and urban child markets by risking his life by going undercover in them.

Skinner will share his research at a presentation hosted by Latinos Unidos and the College of Letters and Sciences on February 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Early Life and Education

Skinner was very generous to his family and loved words – his writing touched many lives, helping people live better lives through them.

He worked tirelessly and was well respected within his community, serving as an elder at his church. Furthermore, he had an immense faith in God that kept him going every day of his life.

Childhood hobbies of building Meccano devices and steam cannons helped him hone his improvisatory abilities, which would prove useful later when studying animal behavior at Harvard. Based on operant conditioning experiments conducted with rats, he devised a teaching machine which taught disabled students to read by breaking tasks down into manageable steps with positive reinforcement, thus drawing on his childhood hobbies as an improvisational source.

Professional Career

Skinner initially attempted to pursue a career as a novelist; however, this proved unfeasible and so he turned his focus towards psychology instead. Conducting experiments with rats, he created what is known as the Skinner Box (also called lever box or operant conditioning chamber) so as to study their behavioral patterns more thoroughly.

He discovered that birds would peck at specific spots on a disc to access food – making his experiment an ideal tool to shape new behaviors using reinforcement. While studying pigeons, he observed that they pecked at certain spots to gain entry.

He experimented with World War II-era missile guidance systems using trained pigeons housed inside missiles to guide it toward its target. Later he wrote books applying his behavioral theories to society such as Walden Two and Beyond Freedom and Dignity.

Achievement and Honors

Skinner has gone undercover at illegal brothels, slave quarries and urban child markets to bring attention to the millions of people currently trapped in slavery today. His work has been featured by Time, Bloomberg Businessweek Travel + Leisure Los Angeles Times among others and served on World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade before acting as Ambassador Richard Holbrooke’s special assistant.

Skinner’s latest book, A Crime So Monstrous, details the lives and struggles of those caught up in or have escaped bondage, while exploring their mixed political motivations when fighting to end it. He also explores corporations’ roles in modern global slavery industries – currently operating Transparentem which uses frontline investigative methods to illuminate supply chains and eradicate human trafficking.

Personal Life

Skinner holds the distinction of being the first person in recorded history to witness the purchase and sale of humans across four continents. His work on modern-day slavery has earned him honors such as receiving the 2009 Dayton Literary Peace Prize as well as receiving recognition from Overseas Press Club.

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Net Worth

Skinner has amassed an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million as an accomplished writer. He prefers keeping his private life under wraps.

Skinner met his first survivor of modern slavery while on assignment for Newsweek International in Sudan in 2003: Muong Nyong had managed to hitch a ride aboard a U.N. Cessna and arrive on the frontlines of Sudanese civil war via this route.

Interviewing slaves and traffickers across 12 countries, he provided insight into an eye-opening truth: experts estimate there are more modern-day slaves than any time in human history. He became an authoritative voice on this topic; his writing has appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post and Newsweek as well as being published as A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery (Penguin).

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