Benjamin Tea

Benjamin Tea

This tea shop provides gourmet loose leaf tea, coffee, accessories and organic foods and gifts for sale.

Rooibos tea has long been used to treat colic in infants and studies have demonstrated its efficacy for weight loss by curbing appetite. Furthermore, its caffeine content promotes healthy urination while blocking pathogen growth that leads to urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney stones.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Tea is a leading supplier and distributor of gourmet loose leaf tea for cafes and restaurants that want to add an impactful tea program to their cafe or restaurant, providing innovative display and marketing concepts, retail products and unique display and marketing concepts. Based in Chicago with close ties to Vienna’s master tea blender who has been creating custom blends for over 200 years – its products can be found worldwide.

Personal Life

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Benjamin is determined and often displays strong opinions. His strong feelings toward America’s rise towards independence from England lead him to run away, believing in both Patriotism and Felicity’s cause as she asks. Additionally, Benjamin can recite an extensive amount of information regarding horses from just their heads! Benjamin holds strong animosity towards Morgo as they believe he’s responsible for missing children in Pandora.

Net Worth

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Paola Blank Itinerary is an influential brand who specializes in luxury lifestyle. With a following of over 1.1 million, she has collaborated with some of the finest luxury brands.

Benjamin Stern is an oceanpreneur with an innovative single-use shampoo bal that reduces plastic waste. After being featured on Shark Tank as a 16 year-old, his company secured investment from Mark Cuban and has seen tremendous growth ever since. Benjamin has become an ambassador for millennial sales culture and the future of business.

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