Benjamin Wence

Benjamin Wence, 44, of Hamburg, died in a Thruway Crash

One driver from Buffalo was killed early Saturday morning in a wrong-way crash on the Thruway. State police reports say they observed his car traveling westbound in eastbound lanes starting from Hamburg and attempted to stop it with emergency lights, but 44-year-old Benjamin Wence would not comply. State police eventually crossed over into westbound lanes to pursue him further until they encountered head-on impact with a tractor trailer near Evans.

Early Life and Education

Ben was sent to pay schools as a youngster in order to gain some knowledge of using tools, but soon abandoned this work and instead apprenticed himself at his brother’s printing office where he could read new books and hear instructive conversation; soon thereafter he found himself exercising his talent for composition so successfully that soon became contributing a newspaper piece; also writing two melancholy ballads about Captain Worthilake and pirate Black Beard who terrorised American seas during that period; champion of Republican principles he cast one of eleven votes from Pennsylvania during convention in Minneapolis casting one vote of eleven from Pennsylvania at that convention where Mr Harrison won his victory;

Professional Career

He has over two decades of marketing experience at local (Hong Kong & China), regional, and global levels. He has managed general marketing, marketing communications and branding functions for multinational corporations in a range of competitive industries.

Professor of Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems at Northern Arizona University. Additionally, he serves as President of Ruddell Environmental Consulting and Chief Science Officer of Criticality Sciences Inc. He has written over 100 scientific articles.

Ben is an enthusiastic supporter of charities like American Football without Barriers and Guiding Eyes for the Blind, hosting their annual golf tournament since 2008. Additionally, he helped to construct The Eli Manning Children’s Clinic at University of Mississippi Medical Center as well as supporting Gary Barnridge Foundation — an organization which utilizes sports to empower disadvantaged youth to attain higher levels of education while living healthier lifestyles.

Achievement and Honors

Students whose grade point average meets or surpasses a specified standard are recognized with dean’s list honors at the end of every fall and spring semester. To be eligible, they must earn at least nine credits; P and F grades do not count towards eligibility determination.

On Saturday morning at 1:17 AM, 44-year-old Benjamin Wence of Buffalo died when driving the wrong way on the New York Thruway and colliding head-on with a tractor-trailer near Evans, NY. State Troopers first noticed him traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-90 in Hamburg at approximately 1:27 a.m. They attempted to stop Wence by moving him over into an emergency lane and activating lights but he did not comply. Wence was later declared dead upon impact with another tractor-trailer near Evans at approximately 2:17 a.m.

Personal Life

Benjamin was a pleasant and friendly individual, always willing to engage in stimulating discussion. A talented writer himself, Benjamin contributed regularly to his brother’s newspaper; possessing extensive compositional experience for someone his age, Benjamin could compose excellently for both print and electronic media.

Ben was an elegant gentleman from a respected family. To help his son discover which trade would suit him best, his father took him around various artisans’ workshops and showed them their work. Ben cut wick-yarn and filled candle molds but was soon bored of this profession.

Early Saturday morning in Evans, Wence died after colliding head-on with a tractor trailer on the Thruway in Hamburg at approximately 1:27 am. State police attempted to stop his vehicle by following it with their emergency lights on, but this attempt proved futile as Wence did not comply.

Net Worth

Pete Wentz is an American musician, actor, and entrepreneur best known as the lead singer for Fall Out Boy and founder of Clandestine Industries and Bartskull Films. Wentz has an estimated net worth of approximately $16 Million with assets including nightclub ownership in New York City as well as estate in The Summit in California.

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