Benjamin Wildfire

Benjamin Wildfire Review

The Wildfire was designed as a rapid-fire backyard plinker, and in this regard it excels. Extremely lightweight and compact, with a synthetic stock for comfortable handling.

Ben has been instrumental in advocating for improved pay, classification, health and well-being of federal wildland firefighters. He supports the Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Classification and Pay Parity Act.

Early Life and Education

The stock of this compact PCP is constructed of black synthetic material and offers excellent ergonomics – with a small grip size and light trigger pull weight (near 12 Lbs).

Crosman claims that their Benjamin Wildfire can fire 60 shots per fill. This seems reasonable; however, muzzle velocity drops drastically with each shot fired or subsequent reloads.

Unregulated, high powered PCPs like the Benjamin Wildfire typically come equipped with unrestricted, high powered motors – this should not come as a shock for owners switching from break barrel, spring/piston, or gas ram models to its more primitive open sights – including notched rear sight with adjustable elevation and fiber optic front sight – both standard features found on most modern firearms.

Professional Career

Benjamin has successfully combined practice and academic endeavors to become one of the nation’s foremost authorities on public health emergency preparedness. His extensive publications include numerous scientific articles and book chapters as well as various Board appointments.

His professional roles at the American Public Health Association include publishing its official newspaper, The Nation’s Health, and American Journal of Public Health. In addition, he is a member of both the National Academy of Public Administration and American College of Physicians.

Crosman markets the Wildfire air rifle as being semi-automatic; however, this is only partly true. Instead, it operates more like a double action revolver; pulling the trigger first rotates the magazine to bring pellets into battery before further pressure on the trigger actually fires the weapon.

Achievement and Honors

The Wildfire features relatively primitive open sights that include a notched rear sight and fiber optic front sight that are adjustable only for elevation purposes; windage adjustment can be made by loosening sight leaf fixing screws and moving it across.

HAM team tests have determined the Wildfire is fairly accurate for back yard plinking soda cans, although its heavy trigger pull prevents any attempt at precision field target shooting. Furthermore, its noise may deter some users from purchasing such an inexpensive firearm.

The receiver of a Wildfire rifle is grooved to accept scope rings and for the HAM test a lightweight 4 x 32 UTG scope was attached for testing purposes. This scope likely represents what most Wildfire owners will opt for when customizing their guns.

Personal Life

Ben is a firefighter at Seattle Station 19 and married to Miranda Bailey. While initially planning on becoming a surgeon, he ultimately changed his mind and applied for the fire academy instead. Ben still maintains privileges at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as an attending anesthesiologist; one of several characters with dual specialization.

Crosman claims the Benjamin Wildfire air rifle is “Semi Automatic,” as its trigger can be pulled each time to make an audible “pop”, though this doesn’t always equate to it being “Semi Automatic” as used to refer to firearms. Accuracy may not be stellar but should still suffice for backyard plinking or field target shooting supervised by an adult. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes it suitable for youths with smaller statures who must be closely supervised by adults.

Net Worth

The Wildfire is often marketed as a semi automatic air rifle; however, due to its unique rotary pellet clip system it doesn’t fully self-cock. Instead, pulling the trigger rotates the magazine before any further pressure activates it and ultimately fires a shot.

This gun uses the same rotary pellet clips and components found on the Crosman 1077 to keep costs down and make the Wildfire affordable for youths to use under supervision by an adult.

The Wildfire features basic open sights consisting of a notched rear sight and fiber optic front sight. Additionally, the receiver has grooves to accept scope rings; in HAM’s testing sample was packaged along with a 4 x 32 UTG scope.

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