Bennett Robert Godley

Bennett Robert Godley – Bio and Personal Information

Robert Godley is the son of actor Robert and actress Jane Krakowski. As a result, Bennett has received quite a bit of attention from the public. His parents are quite famous, and his name is also known around the world. While growing up as a celebrity child can be difficult, the fame and attention eventually gets the best of them. Here’s a closer look at Bennett Robert Godley. His bio and personal information are listed below.

Bennett Robert Godley was born in New York City on April 13, 2011. His parents, Robert Godley and Jane Krakowski, gained fame as the actress Jenna Maroney in 30 Rock. Godley is the son of a famous designer and actress, Jane Krakowski. Listed below are some interesting facts about Bennett Robert Godley, his parents, and his body measurements. While he may be short, his parents’ success in the entertainment industry has allowed him to become a star.

Bennett Robert Godley is married to his wife, Alexis Godley. The couple married on October 7, 2017, and recently celebrated their third anniversary. His previous relationship was with Canadian actress Jane Krakowski. The couple got engaged in 2009, and later separated when Bennett was two years old. He has been involved with fashion his entire life, having worked at Ralph Lauren, Matero Silk Printers and Weavers, David Evans & Co. Silk Printers, Drakes of London, and many more.

The actress, who won a Tony Award for the Broadway show “A Christmas Carol” last year, has given birth to her first child Bennett Robert Godley on April 13 in New York City. The newborn weighed seven pounds, 12 oz., and has blond hair just like his mother! He joins the actor’s other children Felix and Elizabeth Banks’ pregnancy. While the couple have been busy planning the baby’s arrival, the pair were spotted on set wearing matching shaggy animal costumes. Despite the bump, Krakowski hid the baby’s growing belly!

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