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Bernie Mac’s Wife Net Worth – Rhonda McCullough

If you’re wondering what Bernie Mac’s wife, Rhonda McCullough, is worth, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you the scoop on the wealth of this famous comedian’s wife, as well as her children, Je’Niece and Rhonda.

Rhonda McCullough

Rhonda McCullough is the wife of comedy legend Bernie Mac. The couple married in 1977. The couple welcomed their daughter Ja’Niece one year after the wedding. Before hitting the big time, Mac held a number of jobs. Before she married Bernie, she worked as a nurse.

Rhonda Mccullough has a net worth estimated at $200,000 as of 2022. Her late husband was worth $15 million at the time of his death. Rhonda now manages his business and his foundation in his memory. She continues to uphold the dignity of her late husband.

Rhonda McCullough has a private life. The couple’s daughter was born in 1978. Rhonda is an active member of various organizations. She is the president of the Bernie Mac Foundation. Her husband’s foundation fights sarcoidosis, a disease that affects women of African and Scandinavian descent.

Rhonda McCullough met Bernie when she was in high school. She was a grade ahead of Bernie, but the two were inseparable. The two married in 1977. The couple remembers Bernie’s witty humor. They have a daughter together named Jasmine.

Rhonda McCullough, Bernie Mac’s wife, is now managing his estate and the foundation’s campaigns to raise awareness about sarcoidosis, the inflammatory disease that caused Bernie’s death. Rhonda McCullough says she initially was afraid to talk in front of crowds, but over the years, she has become accustomed to speaking in front of people. Bernie and Rhonda were married for five years before he became ill.

The late comedian Bernie Mac’s widow, Rhonda McCullough, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor who diagnosed him with pneumonia. The wrongful death lawsuit claims that Dr. Rene M. Earles was negligent in failing to recognize Bernie’s respiratory failure. She says that Bernie should have been admitted to a hospital before his death.

Rhonda McCullough, wife of late actor Bernie Mac, described her husband as a “joker” and a “laugher” who disliked “pranks at his expense.” She said Mac and her daughter Je’Niece were alike in personality. She added that they were protective of each other.

Je’Niece McCullough

Je’Niece McCullugh, wife of Bernie Mac, suffered from a tough upbringing while growing up under her famous father’s strict parenting. Though he later apologized for raising his daughter in a rough manner, he also gave her emotional and physical affection. As a result, she was left with depression and anger issues. She is now a social worker and blogs about her experiences.

Je’Niece McCullaugh’s first appearance was on the Can We Talk podcast in 2011. In this episode, she discussed her childhood and the wounds she felt as a daughter. She also apologised to her father for the harsh ways he raised her. Je’Nie joined Twitter in 2011 and has since amassed over two thousand followers. Her bio describes her as “bernie’s daughter.”

Before his death, Bernie Mac continued to be a Chicago native, continuing to live in the city as his fame grew. The comedian was also involved in many Chicago organizations, including the Chicago Public Schools. Before his death, Bernie Mac had already retired from stand-up comedy to devote his time to acting and producing projects.

Je’Niece McCullaugh is the mother of a teenage daughter who she affectionately calls myfizzle. The two share a close bond and are frequently photographed together. Their daughter, Jasmine Childress, has the same passion for acting as her mother did.

The two met when Je’Niece was an intern at the Bernie Mac Foundation. The two married in September 1977. In 1978, they had a daughter. In the letter, Janice details her childhood, her development as a woman, and her relationship with the late Bernie Mac. During the relationship, Je’Niece learns to set boundaries and recognize intergenerational differences. She also discusses how trauma affected her relationship with her father.

Je’Niece McCullugh, wife of Bernie Mac, is considering directing a biopic about her husband. The biopic’s cast may include Mark Phillips, YouTube star, and Aldis Hodge, who has the same skin color as Mac.

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