Bert Convy Wife

Bert Convy and His Wife Catherine Hills

In this article, you’ll learn more about Bert Convy’s wife, Catherine Hills. The couple was married for almost 30 years, but separated in 1987. Convy met Hills while his wife was ill. They made a deal not to contest the divorce. The couple married in February 1991. Convy’s wife is now retired from acting, but the couple still remains close. Their children have been a part of their family’s life.

Bert Convy was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He studied theater and acting and later won an Emmy Award for his work hosting game shows. Before becoming an actor, Bert Convy was a popular radio personality and had appeared in dozens of television shows. His game show Win, Lose, or Draw, which he hosted from 1975 to 1977, had a following with fans. The show was a hit and earned Convy a second Emmy in the same year.

Before meeting Catherine, Bert Convy married Anne Anderson in 1959. The couple had three children together, and were divorced in 1991. A few years after his divorce, Convy married Catherine Hills, who was one year older than him. After his divorce, Convy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor caused him to suffer from two severe strokes. Bert Convy’s death in 1991 was attributed to a brain tumor.

After his death, Bert Convy’s wife, Carlene, is also famous. The actress was married to Bert Convy for more than twenty years. Their son, Thomas Convy, has also married the actress Monica Watkins. They are the parents of three children. The couple had a son in 1983 and one daughter in 1985. Sadly, Bert Convy’s wife, Carlene Watkins, passed away from a brain tumor in April 1990.

After leaving the baseball team, Convy became an actor. He joined a local band, The Cheers, which reached number one with their song “UCLA Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots.” In the mid-to-late fifties, he began appearing on television, appearing in guest roles on Alfred Hitchcock Presents and on Billy Barnes Revues. His next move was to New York City. His second marriage to Anne Anderson ended in 1991.

After his divorce, Convy continued to star in television and movies. His television career was not short-lived, and he was the star of the daytime variety show ‘Tattletales’. In addition to that, he was the host of the variety show ‘The Late Summer Early Fall Bert Convy Show’. Convy also co-founded Burt and Bert Productions, which produced such hits as 3rd Degree and Win, Lose or Draw.

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