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The Best Bar Rescue Episodes

Unlike other reality shows, Bar Rescue focuses on people, not bars, and has an excellent formula to follow. The best episodes stick to the format, and those that deviate from that tend to fall flat. This is particularly true when an episode is set in a school rather than a bar. In one episode, Taffer’s team is tasked with helping hospitality school students get ready for the real world. While the show has some surprisingly heartwarming redemptions, many episodes are just plain bad.

Another example of an outstanding Bar Rescue episode is the one involving a pair of college students who ran a failing bar in Fells Point, Maryland. This bar had become unsanitary, over-served, and run by twins who hated each other. Luckily, Taffer’s team took over and saved the place, though the remodel was delayed by 10 days and he had to spend tens of thousands of dollars on repairs. The show proved to be an invaluable lesson for the students, as they have recently become good friends.

Aside from the bar-owning siblings, another interesting Bar Rescue episode revolves around a sisterhood. A professional counselor is brought in to help the sisters mending their relationship, but it’s all off-screen. The episode also amps up the biker theme, leaving the audience with a hazy picture of the sisters’ relationship. While there’s no shortage of terrible family dynamics in Bar Rescue, the most satisfying episode is one in which two sisters help each other rebuild their bar.

Although the series is often considered the most entertaining of the three, it is hard to avoid episodes with out-of-control owners. The out-of-control owner costs the business around $40k during the off-season. This situation is both entertaining and heartbreaking. If you’re a bar owner, you can relate to the storylines of the show’s episodes, and the cast can help you get back on track. This is the best Bar Rescue episode for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit.

While Taffer has successfully rescued bars in the past, he has also walked out of two. The first episode involved a trailer-themed bar in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in season 3. The owners of the bar, Amanda, and her daughter Cerissa, were terrible to the staff and reprimanded the victims instead of their instigator, Cerissa. The show’s producers apologized to Cerissa and filmed another episode.

Another great Bar Rescue drink recipe is the Crown Royal Tonic Water. This drink contains a hefty dose of alcohol, but it’s not overly sweet. Try mixing one of these with a cherry. You can serve it in a cocktail glass or martini glass and you’ll be sure to impress your guests. The best Bar Rescue drink recipes are often posted on social media, and you can even share them on your Facebook page!

Among the most popular episodes of Bar Rescue are the Sand Dollar episode from the third season. It was part of Season 3 Episode 11, “Don’t Mess With Taffer’s Wife,” and was originally called “The Sand Dollar Lounge.” After the episode, the bar was renamed Bar 702, in honor of its area code. It has a modern upscale feel, complete with a suspect line-up wall photobooth. In addition to that, it features Vegas history.

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