Best Double Elixir Deck

Best Double Elixir Deck

The best double elixir deck is one that uses both support units and high elixir cost cards. You should use a mirror to build your deck, which can also help you build support units. For defense, you’ll need an inferno tower. However, there are other ways to maximize your elixirs and build the best deck possible.

The deck has great defensive potential and the ability to lock down the enemy’s towers. In addition, it can spam cards. The twin tornado and two witches are always a bonus. You can also pair an Earthquake and Electric Giant to deal explosive damage to the enemy’s army.

The Flying Machine can provide support to Lava Hound and also deal some damage. A Big Miner is a quick way to deal damage and can help control it. Another air support unit that can be used is a Hell Dragon. A Noble Giant is another great card that can deal massive damage, especially when combined with a resurrected minions.

Clash Royale has weekly challenges that let you try something new. This Double Elixir Challenge is one of these challenges, which requires you to use a tournament deck to compete in the Double Elixir Battle format. The challenge is free and ends on June 7th. It has various rewards and is a great way to try out new decks.

The Golem deck is a good choice for people who want a deck with low elixir cost. It also has the ability to help you pave the way and provide air support. Other useful units include the Golden Knight and Baby Dragon. You can also use the Mega Minion to distract the opponent’s towers. And finally, don’t forget to consider spells. They’re incredibly important in Clash Royale. Make sure you use them strategically and reserve them properly to maximize their impact.

Double Elixir Challenge is also a good choice if you want to maximize your winning chances. This tournament allows you to play multiple decks and get more gold. You only need five gems instead of the usual ten. This is a great way to maximize your gems and win big.

Golem decks are excellent options as they have great defensive and offensive potential. However, they are not recommended for free-to-play players as they are quite expensive. A Golem deck should be used carefully, though, and should not overstay their welcome. Golems can easily push back your opponent and give you enough time to deploy your troops. A Golem can also be used to punish the opponent and use the Barbarian Barrel to get the upper hand.

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