Best Fusion Warrior Team

How to Build the Best Fusion Warrior Team in Dragon Ball Z

A good Fusion warrior team should have the ability to deal a lot of damage. The units in the team should boost each other’s ki and work well on offense. Ghost and Gotenks are the cornerstones of any Fusion team. Ghost can stun the enemy for 2 turns and heal your team, while Gotenks are geared towards hitting hard.

Veito is an essential member of the team. He plays the ultimate attacker role and can cause great damage. His ultimate attack can inflict huge damage and he can use his Spirit Sword Rush to destroy even the toughest defensive walls. His Erasing Strike can increase his damage output.

Gogetas make another great unit. Their passive skills are amazing and they have incredible damage potential. They can also get SSR attack and defense boosts. Gogetas can also become AGL, which allows them to get higher damage multipliers. They can be used as debuffers as well.

Vegito, Gogeta and others are also fusion fighters. They first appeared as a team in Dragon Ball Z’s Buu story. Vegito is a product of the battle against Buu. Both fusion warriors are back-to-back. Both were featured in animated films such as Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

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