Best Leia D Plans Minikits

Best Leia’d Plans Minikits Guide

The Best Leia’d Plans is a set minikits from the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game. They can be obtained from destroying three black Star Wars droids. After defeating them, the player can proceed to the next level. This section of the game can be quite difficult, so make sure to consult the guide if you have any problems.

You can unlock new characters and try different game modes during the game. To unlock new characters, you must collect the right amount of Minikits. Once you’ve collected the required amount of studs, you will be given a purple stud. This will allow you to increase your “True Jedi” achievement.

The Best Leia’d Plans Minikit is found in the third level. You need to destroy two other mini cars. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to take the turbolift to a new floor. During this stage, you’ll encounter a stormtrooper who will try to steal your battery. This will be dealt with in a later mission.

Near the end of the level is the third Minikit. To reach it, the player must kill three Mouse Droids. The Imperial Officer’s hallway contains the first one. You will also need to kill three Mouse Droids in order to unlock the Minikit. The last one is located near the end. In order to reach it, you need to get through the Villain Terminal and take down three of its enemies.

The enemy command console is home to the fourth Minikit. The player must control a Jedi to activate the contraption. The Jedi must then climb the minikit and land on the platform. The third Minikit is located near an anti-air turret. To get it, the player must shoot five enemy aircraft.

The first Minikit can be obtained by destroying three Droids on the second floor. The third floor houses the second and third Minikits. The second Minikit will be available after you have destroyed the first one. After completing these three, you’ll be able to unlock the second Minikit.

The last minikit is the Imperial TIE Fighter minikit. You’ll find this minikit by destroying the Mouse Droid near the docking bay. You can also use a lightsaber or a laser to destroy the Mouse Droid, and obtain the Imperial TIE Fighter miniaturekit. This minikit is an important part of the game. Be prepared!

The fifth Minikit is located in the lower left area of the map. To obtain it, you will need to shoot the silver objects in your vicinity. Then you’ll be able to pick up the bazooka box inside the Minikit. The Minikits are found throughout the map.

The next minikit is located on the second floor. To get to it, you will need to pass through two black doors. Once you have reached it, you will find a keycard which will unlock the west door. You’ll then be able unlock the room behind the elevator.

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