Best Level 10 Town Hall Base

How to Build the Best Level 10 Town Hall Base

You have many options when it is time to build your defense base as a level 10 townhall player. You can choose between two different types: war and farm bases. Regardless of which type you choose, you will need to upgrade your heroes, Dark elixir storages, and troops. These upgrades will assist you in farming, war, and trophy pushing. It is important to upgrade your heroes first before upgrading any other buildings.

Town Hall level 10 has lava-themed walls. The walls are made of molten rock, which adds to the feeling of heat and emotion. The town hall also has a second watchtower, and molten lava spills from the openings near the top. To make the outlet more secure, a grate can also be installed. This level upgrade unlocks eight new buildings including Giant Bomb, Air Bomb and Seeking Air Mine.

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