Best Spinning Bass Rods

Choosing the Best Spinning Bass Rods

Spinning bass rods come in a wide variety of materials and lengths. The length of the rod is measured from the handle to line guide. This will impact how well you can cast and retrieve fish. Most spinning bass rods are six to eight feet in length, though you can find them in lengths up to twelve feet. Carbon and graphite are the most common materials used for rod blanks, though fiberglass is becoming more popular.

Many spinning bass rods are versatile and can be used for many purposes, including light saltwater fishing or heavy cover largemouth fishing. Some are multi-piece, making them more convenient to transport. They’re also lighter, but they have some drawbacks. While multi-piece spinning bass rods may be a good choice for beginners, tournament anglers tend to use single and two-piece rods for their rigs.

A lightweight carbon fiber one-piece spinning rod from Abu Garcia is one of the best choices. The Abu Garcia Powerlux spinning rod features eight titanium alloy guides and a Fuji reel seat. This rod is lightweight but has plenty of backbone for hook setting. This rod is ideal for largemouth bass, perch and walleye. It can cast lures weighing 3/16 to 5/8 ounces.

The Dobyns Fury spinning rod is another versatile option. Its multiple-length options allow it to throw split-shot rigs and micro jigs. It also has the strength and sensitivity to compete with more expensive spinning rods. And its low price makes it an excellent choice for beginners.

When selecting the right spinning bass rod, it is important to consider its power, sensitivity, as well as the action. Power refers to the amount of force required to bend the rod. Higher-power spinning bass rods are more sensitive and heavier than lighter-weight rods. However, light-weight spinning rods are good for fishing with smaller baits.

Consider your fishing style when choosing the right spinning bass rod. A longer rod is best if you prefer to cast in open water. This will give you more leverage and casting distance. On the other hand, if you prefer short accurate casts, a shorter rod is ideal.

Another feature to look for in a spinning bass rod is the type of blank used. Some rods are made of fiberglass, while others are made of graphite. Fiberglass rods are the most forgiving, but they aren’t as sensitive as graphite rods. Graphite rods are more responsive and durable, and they’re often lighter than fiberglass models.

When choosing a spinning bass rod, handle is another important consideration. A cork or EVA foam handle is comfortable and will provide a secure grip. Wooden cork is another option, but may not be as secure as rubber. If you want to ensure that your wooden cork is secure, you can wrap it in your preferred grip. In addition, reel seats are designed to securely hold your reel.

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