Best Sup For Caitlyn

Best Support For Caitlyn

If you’re trying to determine the best support for Caitlyn, you’ll want to look for champions with long-range damage and stun. Enchanters will only slow Caitlyn’s movement, so you should avoid champions with them. There are many support champions that can work well with Caitlyn, including APs and ADs who can aim their nets and dashes toward enemies.

A strong support for Caitlyn can be Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank is an aggressive laner whose hooks can trigger Caitlyn’s traps. He also has a great initiating skill. In addition, Blitzcrank can also be used as a tank and peel champion.

Morgana is Caitlyn’s second best support. Her Q and W spells allow her to stun multiple enemies at once. She has a powerful ultimate and can use her mobility boots to move between lanes. Zhonya’s hourglass activity can be used to increase her survivability, stun her opponents.

Leona can also play a defensive role. She can both delay the CS of a bot lane pair and push lanes simultaneously. This allows you to quickly end games and kill them before their power spike. Leona has a powerful ultimate, in addition to CC. This makes it easier for enemies to be hit and increases bonus damage from headshots.

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