Best Sup For Kaisa

Best Supp For Kaisa in World of Warcraft

Kaisa is a short-ranged ADC who excels at close combat. The best sup for Kaisa would be one that can support her CC AOE capabilities and scales with her passive. She can also be protected in the backline. Depending on her role, her build, and the damage she deals, she can burst enemies to do massive damage.

Kaisa can be paired with many support champions. However, she prefers to be paired with someone who can provide her with crowd control. This includes Pyke, Blitzcrank, and Nami. These are all excellent choices for this hero, and they also give her the ability to use her new items in late game.

Skarsgard, Liquid and Liquid are two other top-tier sups available for Kaisa. Both are good options for pushing fast and can be used to take out bot lane bushes. You can dominate the game as long as you have the right sup.

Squishy champions can be defeated by Assassin champions. They can kill targets solo and reach the backline. However, it is better to avoid committing assassins unless they are surrounded by 3 opponents. Kaisa is also good with teams that can CC or peel for her, and can play around with picking off the enemy team.

A good auto-reset is an asset when playing with Kaisa. It can be used to avoid enemy attacks, get a shield, and reset your passive. If you use your auto-reset aggressively, you’ll get the most out of her Ult. You can also use R to reposition priority targets. If you do, make sure you use self-peel instead of R.

If you’re looking for a top-tier champion to play with Kaisa, you can use Galio. Galio is easy-to-control and has powerful burst damage. In addition, the ult of Galio synergizes with Kaisa’s ultimate and gives her extra survivability, CC support, and burst damage.

Blitzcrank’s Hook is Kaisa’s best CC ability. It helps Kaisa maximize her Icathian rain, which deals insane damage to isolated enemies. The hook can also be used to break champion shields, which is useful when you are facing passive supports. Blitzcrank’s hook can also increase Kaisa’s damage when under hard CC.

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