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Is Beulr Worth $150,000?

Beulr is an online meeting assistant created by Peter Solimine that allows users to attend meetings without physically being present. It was featured on Shark Tank in 2021 and gained widespread adoption since.

Peter was seeking a $150,000 investment for 20% of his company with a $750,000 valuation and none of the Sharks offered any deal.

Early Life and Education

Peter Solimine is the founder of beulr, an app which allows users to appear in meetings even when they’re absent from them. On Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 5, Peter asked them for $150,000 as equity investment at $750K valuation for 20% equity stake.

Lori Greiner found Beulr clever but worried it could be used to avoid work-related obligations, opting out. Daymond John expressed concerns over its impact on workplace communication and withdrew from negotiations altogether.

Robert Herjavec was uncertain how best to apply Solimine’s product in business settings and felt that he needed to master AI technologies before running his company like one. Mark Cuban was similarly dubious of this deal.

Professional Career

Peter Solimine created Beulr, a software application which attends online meetings, classes, and parties on behalf of users without them physically being present. Beulr records and transcribes meetings so it appears as though you were present during them.

Beulr made significant inroads after appearing on Shark Tank. Their company now has over 92,000 users as members and attracts 150,000 monthly visits to its website.

Peter has continued working to enhance Beulr despite criticism from its investors, in particular on adding features that will give its users the impression they are on screen and audio transcription capabilities for its platform. Furthermore, premium features like video conferencing and screen sharing will also be offered at an extra charge.

Achievement and Honors

Beulr is an innovative virtual meeting bot software app developed by Peter Solimine while studying Economics and Computer Science at Tulane University, that enables users to attend online classes and meetings without being present themselves. He worked on it for seven months prior to pitching it on Shark Tank.

He appeared on the show looking to secure $150,000 for 20% of Beulr, pitching it to investors such as Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary.

Herjavec expressed some reservations about Beulr’s integrity. He expressed concerns that it could be misused and lead to absenteeism in its users, so advised Solimine to focus on developing his app before returning from Shark Tank. Regardless, Solimine continued work on Beulr as promised after appearing on Shark Tank.

Personal Life

Peter Solimine is the creator of Beulr software program, which allows users to utilize bots as virtual meeting attendants or class attendees online meetings and classes. He first appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 5, offering $150,000 for 20% equity at a $750,000 valuation in exchange for 20% ownership at that valuation.

Lori Greiner voiced concern over using bots to represent oneself at meetings, while Kevin O’Leary pointed out how this might violate compliance regulations. Robert Herjavec was skeptical about its ability to monetize, so withdrew his investment offer.

Beulr was not offered investment from one of the Sharks; nevertheless, after its episode airing it continued to gain momentum and expand its user base. Today it remains a fully functioning business with thousands of active users and new features being implemented regularly.

Net Worth

Peter Solimine appeared on Shark Tank seeking $150,000 for 20% of his business. His meeting bot application has already gained 92,000 users with $300 invested in marketing efforts, as well as premium features such as video looping and meeting recordings being developed for them.

The Sharks appear divided on whether or not to invest, with Lori Greiner raising concerns over product integrity while Robert Herjavec thinks it won’t be profitable; Mark Cuban believes Peter needs to focus on his schooling and learn more about AI technology. Even without receiving investment from any of them, beulr continues its operations with growing social media followings of 2,300 on TikTok and 7,300 on Instagram; competing against larger players like Zoom, Clickmeeting, Eztalks and Ciscopark in its industry sector.

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