Bill Raftery Net Worth

Bill Raftery is an esteemed college basketball sports journalist and former coach. Currently he serves as the lead game analyst for Fox Sports.

Nick Saban, best known for his dynamic voice and personality, is a regular presence in the broadcast booth during March Madness alongside Jim Nantz and Grant Hill.

Early Life and Education

Bill Raftery was born in Orange, New Jersey in the United States. He attended Saint Cecilia High School before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from La Salle University. Married and with four children of his own, Raftery keeps his personal details private – no information regarding parents and siblings is publicly available.

He began broadcasting games alongside Jay Bilas, another former college player turned analyst. WJ Raftery Associates is also his marketing firm of choice.

He is an incredible sportscaster, involved in numerous successful projects. Passionate about his work, he strives to bring out the best from each member of his teams – an inspiration to young people alike.

Professional Career

Bill Raftery is a longtime sportscaster and former college basketball player and coach, known for his knowledge and enthusiasm of the game.

Fox Sports currently utilizes him as the lead game analyst for college basketball games on Fox, alongside Gus Johnson – his longtime play-by-play partner. In addition, he serves as an analyst during the Big East Tournament and regularly appears alongside Jim Nantz and Grant Hill on their NBA coverage on FOX Sports.

Raftery is an avid family man and takes great care in keeping his personal life private. He and Joan have been married for 48 years, are parents to two children, and currently reside in New Jersey together where their relationship remains strong and happy.

Achievement and Honors

William Raftery excelled at three sports at St. Cecilia High School in Kearny, New Jersey: basketball, baseball and soccer; earning All-State selection in each. As a college coach at Fairleigh Dickinson and Seton Hall Universities for basketball as well as winning New Jersey Sports Writers Association Coach of the Year awards in 1979.

Bill currently serves as lead game analyst for FOX Sports’ college basketball telecasts and has also previously held roles with ESPN and CBS Sports. In 2016, his son Billy produced and narrated With a Kiss, an in-depth documentary chronicling Bill’s basketball career.

As two-time Emmy Award winners, they are known for their colorful commentary that blends expert analysis with genuine enthusiasm for sports. You might hear him exclaim things such as, “Onions!” or, “With a kiss!” His courtside presence adds new life to March Madness and The Final Four broadcasts.

Personal Life

Raftery’s skill as a sports journalist has enabled him to amass significant wealth. Each month he earns a handsome income working as the lead game analyst for college basketball on FOX Sports, garnering him a generous monthly salary.

He enjoys a strong and happy family life with Joan Raftery whom he married in 1970 and they share one child together. Together they live an extravagant life together and appear quite content in their marriage relationship.

Bill Raftery prefers to keep his personal and romantic lives discreet. At present, he is happily hitched to his beautiful wife. An enigmatic individual, Bill keeps many secrets close to his heart; with no plans of divorce in sight anytime soon.

Net Worth

Bill Raftery is an accomplished Sportscaster born April 19 1943. At 76, he remains active in his field having achieved much over his long and storied career.

Bill enjoys an impressive net worth and salary. He is married with four children. He and Joan live happily together in an Orange house together.

Since 1983, W.J. Raftery has served as an analyst and color commentator with CBS. Additionally, he has frequently appeared as an analyst on ESPN alongside Jay Bilas and Mike Gorman during Big East basketball games, and regularly collaborated with Verne Lundquist during CBS’s March Madness coverage. Furthermore, he currently heads his own event/marketing firm called W.J Raftery Associates.

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