Blond Studio St Petersburg Fl

Blond Studio in St Petersburg, Florida

Blond Studio is a blonding salon specializing in all shades of blondes. Natural beaded rows extensions are also available. These are light-weight and don’t require heat, glue or tape. The studio is also decorated with cute murals. Relax and enjoy the salon’s warm atmosphere while you’re there. Blond Studio’s staff are skilled in creating beautiful tresses for men and women.

This St. Petersburg hair salon has a staff that is skilled in cutting, styling and coloring all types. The hair content is as diverse as the namesake salon, with hair containing gold and other precious materials. You can also have your nails done, your hair styled, and your nails polished. This salon is rated 4.94 out of 5 by 16 users, with 4 reviews.

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