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Morgan Massengill Tests Positive For COVID-19

Morgan Massengill, a former host of The Bobby Bones Show, has revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19. She told her fans and gave details about the disease. You can read her full statement below. Besides her show on NBC, Morgan also moonlights as a New York Times Best Selling author and mentor on American Idol. Morgan also works as a comedian with The Raging Idiots. She has won ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and has been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.

In addition to the recent scandal involving Morgan Wallen, Bobby Bones addressed the matter on his NBC show. Although the remarks of Bones were obviously scripted, the country music superstar was very smart. Wallen claimed that he was “The Guy”, and that he needs to improve himself. The controversy has caused some discord among fans. Morgan Wallen’s comments are troubling, regardless of whether you agree with him or disagree.

Morgan broke up with her boyfriend just weeks after she shared with him her hopes of moving in together. She was clearly upset when her boyfriend announced her split in a dark and sad manner. Despite her disappointment, she said that she wanted to share the news with her listeners. Morgan said, “It’s big for us. But I want you to know this news, and I hope that I can share it with you as well as she did.”

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