Bobby Lee Molested

Does Bobby Lee Molest Children?

If you are wondering whether bobby Lee molested children, you are not alone. The fact of the matter is that a significant portion of the population still believes that Bobby Lee was the victim of a rape. Because of its shocking and sensational nature, the rape case against the young singer sparked outrage. The case did not end there. More than a dozen other teen victims have come forward since the allegations were first made public.

Two witnesses testified in the prosecution’s case against Sanders. One of the witnesses was Melissa’s aunt. The aunt had found out about the case after Melissa and Sanders moved into a foster care home. Melissa had told her aunt that Sanders had sexually molested her in December 1989. Sanders had placed his penis into her mouth and in her vagina. Her aunt made arrangements for them to meet Sanders’s mother. The mother allowed the medical examination of Melissa.

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