Bode James Roloff

Bode James Roloff

American child actor Bode James Roloff is very popular. His parents are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. His mother is an actress who has appeared in numerous TV shows. Bode is one the three children of the couple. His sister, Ember Jean, is a senior in high school and lives with his parents in Oregon. Bode is currently four months and will start school in a few years.

The new mom shared photos of her new baby along with captions about her experience giving birth to her second child. Audrey Roloff claims that Bode’s birth was faster than Ember’s. She claimed that she went straight to her doctor’s office for labor and delivery, even though she was in traffic. Audrey was so proud of her baby son, she posted pictures of the two of them together in mid-January.

Audrey Roloff shared an Instagram photo of her newborn son. She explained that Bode is her family’s baby and Jeremy’s family. She also revealed that Bode’s middle name, James, has special meaning for the men in the Roloff family. The name is a tribute to Audrey’s maiden, Botti, and Jeremy’s uncle. Those two things are both significant to Audrey and Jeremy.

Audrey and James Roloff welcomed Bode in January, just two months after their daughter Ember Roloff was born. Bode’s birth marks the couple’s second child, after Ember who is now two years old. Audrey shared the first photos of herself and Bode shortly after their birth. New moms often take post-delivery photos, but they are usually taken when the baby is wrapped in a blanket.

Audrey Roloff welcomed her second child, Bode James, on January 8. Her birth story was shared on Instagram, along with pictures from the delivery room. Bode James Roloff was nine pounds and two ounces in weight and 21 inches long. Audrey and Jeremy have been sharing photos of their family since the birth of their son. Audrey started sharing updates on Instagram. She will be sharing photos of her son soon.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have been married since September 2014. They are the proud parents of Ember Jean, two, and Bode James. Audrey and Jeremy married in September 2014, and announced that they were expecting during the summer. In the meantime, Audrey and Jeremy are looking forward to welcoming a new addition into their family. So far, they are enjoying their family’s new addition! You can find out more about Audrey or Jeremy on their Instagram pages.

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