Booka 600 Net Worth

American rapper booka600 has amassed an enormous social media following thanks to his extravagant lifestyle which he shares on his Instagram account.

He gained recognition on the underground rap scene through his signature genre of Drill Music, SixLife mixtape featuring Free My Squad and Real Shit as stand-out tracks.

Early Life and Education

Booka 600 is known for his flashy lifestyle. He posts pictures to Instagram frequently and boasts over 485,000 followers; in addition, he maintains YouTube channels and websites as well. Booka 600’s family is extremely supportive of his career endeavors and have given him everything needed to follow his dream.

Born January 6, 1995 in Chicago, United States. At 29 years old he is an active member of the Black Disciples gang and known for his Drill Music style within underground rap scene. His first mixtape and single was SixLife which launched him to stardom. Additionally he co-founded Bread Gang music collective alongside Lil Durk as well as Only the Family clothing line.

Professional Career

Booka 600 was born January 6, 1995 in the United States of African-American descent and his parents have always given him all of the resources to pursue his career goals.

Drill music is his specialty, and it first gained him notoriety with his mixtape SixLife and singles “Free My Squad” and “Real Shit.” Additionally, Lil Durk has featured him in multiple projects.

He boasts an enormous following on Instagram and is well-known for his extravagant lifestyle. Although there have been criticisms against him, he remains out of any controversy and continues to focus on his career as a 29-year-old Rapper with global impact.

Achievement and Honors

Booka 600 was born January 6, 1995 in Chicago, United States and quickly rose to fame as an underground rapper known for Drill Music and record producing. He worked with artists like Lil Durk, Doja Cat, Blueface as well as notable works by SixLife and Free My Squad. Booka 600 has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 Million while his height stands 5’7 and his estimated sun sign is Capricorn with Carnation and Snowdrop birth flowers being his sign flowers – having great relationships with both his girlfriend and family alike.

Personal Life

Booka 600, born Daniel Carter-Cohen in Atlanta and currently 29-years-old American rapper has achieved immense fame through his music and flashy lifestyle. He boasts an impressive social media following on Instagram with over 485,000 followers on his account big600booka.

He is also part of the popular rap collective Only the Family and has collaborated with various other rappers. His most popular single to date, “Hardbody”, has generated great fan appreciation from listeners.

His net worth can be determined by subtracting assets from liabilities, though exact figures may be difficult to ascertain. Online estimates provide a general sense of his wealth. Please be aware that these figures do not take into account Booka 600’s full year earnings as they are estimated based on past performance alone and may differ accordingly; additionally it remains unknown whether Booka 600 has any children.

Net Worth

Net worth refers to the sum total of assets owned by an individual minus their liabilities – it provides a more accurate measure of wealth than income which may fluctuate and fails to take account of debts.

Booka 600 is an American rapper best known for his Drill Music genre and hit single, “Hardbody.” A member of Black Disciples from 600 set, Booka’s stage name derives from this gang affiliation.

On top of being a co-founder and record label owner for Only the Family (OTF), King Von also co-founded Memo600’s Only the Family collective/record label alongside fellow recording artists King Von, Memo600, Doodie Lo, C3 and Miyarbro in 2021 when they welcomed a baby boy into their lives together. In August 2021 they welcomed another son named Lazerus.

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